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Maybe you should be more involved in your glam videos because this was really boring. Just saying.
I think she should have been the one dressed and did the whole make up and hair without the model being there. If she did that or did the makeup herself it would seem to everyone how normal she is and could easily relate to other people. 
she doesnt even look real, theres so much computer job, she is beutiful, but they need to stop the editing stuff
Yun Mai
i love Kim :))
wow icannt see really
Your so beautiful in every way don't
Listen to the haters!
Hi love have a good week n holiday ,muahhh! .)
She looks like a blow fish lol
I am a big fan of keeping up with the Kardashians! Luv yah Kim! 
no matter how old, ur still beautiful <3 u:-)
Looking stylish and sexy AWAY!!!!!!!! ☆ 「」picture perfect

thanks malyna lol its the truth 4 all them haters!
Your Beautiful like an Angel. :-) 
people so  jealousy  some  ,,,she sexy,,, ;)
I Love U Kim....
I Download All of Your Pix & Videos...
U are So Nice & Beauty
omg had the weirdest dream ever i was at six flags wit kim kardashian
Natural beauty ooooooooookay... I believe each of God's children is unique and beautiful : )
i love it you look very beautyful
Rami H
I love you Kim
kim u look awesoooome and beautifull,i love u KK
urraaa che meraviglia ti cerco da anni che meraviglia eccola nel mio cuore o dolce fata
looking really nice and i liked your tube videos 
Mario Rosso sei molto Bella usu
¡Enhorabuena, mi querida Kim! un cordial saludo. saludos al gatito blanco, de parte del gato chio
Kim Kardashian is the most beautiful lady in the world!!! Really, she is Devine Looking!!!
Hmmmm... Kim, you are gorgeous and beautiful. I like you, and please keep the beauty 'sparking'
yes she is u look like pocahontas in this picture 
agregar me quiero ser tu amigo
add me to wanna be your friend
Adicione-me quero ser seu amigo
Kim I am a really big fan of yours,you are really nice and pretty and you wear so so many outfits and your helping and i would really love to meet you one day i watch your shows your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!and i love u for who you are!!
u are too beautiful my dear how i wash u can  come to Nigeria so that we will met, i am a poor man with many business dreams thanks. 
you know you"re pretty......right??????
Kim you are a product of creation superlatively beutiful
you know I've asked to a good friend and she told me pregnancy is the   better state of women. So enjoy it yourself. And you look beautifull
Ben G
you are ugly and your show stinks
Kim, I love seeing you on Keeping up with the Kardashians and I'm so sad that you've left the show (or at least I've overheard you're leaving ,but it might be a rumour) and I wish you all the best with your child 
exqusite!!! poa sana mtoto ameiva mbaya mbovu
eres una persona muy escial y linda
Kim l and My family we love you so much,we don't miss your program. 
me ea grato saber queseas una persona umilde y sensible umana soy peruano me alegra que mgracias
muchas gracias por embiar este correo
You are beautiful, no matter what they say.
u are very pretty I love your family show keeping up with the kardashians
the greatest athlete in hisTory is d
one who recognised that God gives
them grace to do what they do best
pls just like Brazilian kaka who loved
God and is charitable with his
possession I plead u Kim Kardashian do same
work for God with ur substance and
he will honor u till eternity. stay
bless and always know that Solomon
got all d fame money and wealth and
he says vanity to them all and he's
sitted in heaven with God.beat
others to it and make heaven.
i ll love to work with you, so that together we can both grow from strength to strength.......
beautiful picture.All the. best! 
Obrianna Nia Williams and Moray white gold diamond ring you tomorrow, if you want. If you 78 
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