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pray to god lorenzo... h ah ah aha ha ha
Thats UK style Kim ok work with it honey.
Sai Won
u r so pretty
Its so great congratulations sweet Angel for your great cower
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why are so many people on Google+ and no FaceBook?????
Two words kim....... SMOKE'N HOT!!!!
       n i think dressing up like the princess........ is awesome bt we love the existing kim even better. cheers.
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hi kim I love you very much and i love your songs
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kim tu sais passe ton numer je te kife grave
yes can you please send me her number
Kim je prelijepa, zato ne zaslužuje nekog kretena!!
Thank ypu see you again next time!!!

send some gmail friends for me!!!
love you Nadia
hi, this is Salome from Trinidad, i hope you are feeling a lot better with your pregnancy. i know this is new for you so hang in there 
Taylor swift sings for the baby the baby starts crying
ur nice but ur weird at the same time noone likes u so
+chapy abel David\'s mom I love you so much David..
Please enter your comments?Grieving Mom Saves Others From the Pain of Not Knowing What Has Happened to Their Loved One

When it comes to a tragic accident or loss, what you don't know can hurt you.

There's an accident, or worse, a death and the next of kin has no idea. How do the police find you to share the news? This brave mother has figured out a plan.

Tragic news is always unwelcome – and often devastating, but there are ways to deliver it that can make the shock of it all a little less painful. Carmela Wiant knows this firsthand and has made it her mission – and helped get a law passed in Ohio – to save others the pain she felt when she was told over the phone by a stranger that her only child was dead.

A week before Wiant's son David Money was to turn 24, he stopped by his mom and stepdad's house in Mechanicsburg, Ohio to share his good news. A lifelong, avid baseball player, he was going to try out for the farm team of the Cincinatti Reds. Mother and son talked about his birthday too – the ingredients for his Mississippi Mud Cake were already bought. But the following Monday, Carmela received tragic news in a bizarre and incalcuably insensitive phone conversation.

"His fiance called and I could tell by her voice something had happened. She said, 'Carmela, have you heard anything about David's being in an accident? You're supposed to call this number,'" recalls Wiant. "It was disconnected. I ended up calling the sherriff's office and they told me what hospital he was in. I called the hospital and asked if David Money was in the hospital and she said, 'Hold on,' and connected me to someone else. He said David was there and I said I'd be there in 40 minutes. He said there's no hurry. It was the hospital chaplain who ended up telling me that David was dead on the phone and didn't even know who I was. He didn't ask who I was, if I was home alone, if I was driving. What he said was, 'Don't rush, don't hurry, David is dead.'"

In shock, disbelief and unyielding grief, she threw the phone down the hall and then shared the news with her husband. Next she called the chaplain back who was an employee of the hospital. "I said to him, 'How dare you tell somebody like this over the phone? You don't know who I am. I could have killed somebody (driving there). I will be there in 45 minutes to identify my child.' That was the first time he knew that this was my child," says Wiant.

The loss of her son in a traffic accident was devastating, but in the months after burying him the grief-stricken Wiant was also haunted by how she learned of his death. She felt outrage that privacy laws were trampled, but neither the state nor federal legislators she contacted felt there was anything they could do to intervene. Finally, nine months after David's death, she called the sheriff who investigated his accident. "I just needed to know why I wasn't contacted by the sheriff and his fiance was because I was next of kin," Wiant says.

in their two and half hour conversation, the sergeant explained the difficulties police often face when trying to track down next of kin when there's been an accident or death. He said that when a sheriff puts in a driver's license number, the information is often incorrect or incomplete. "I said, 'Why don't we put next of kin on a driver's license?' He said, 'That's an excellent idea.' I said, 'I'm hanging up and calling my senator' and he said, 'I can't believe no one has thought of it before.'"

Police often depend on driver's license and employee records to determine next of kin in serious crashes which can mean critical delay in notifying loved ones - and sometimes the difference between making it to the hospital in time – or not.

It's an obvious and sensible solution, and yet, Wiant says, it hadn't been instituted anywhere. She immediately began contacting local legislators,

Exactly a year after that initial phone call with the investigating officer, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland signed the Money-Burge law into effect, which allows Ohio residents to register a next of kin contact on their driver's license. And Wiant has continued to try to get other states to follow suit, by allowing drivers to register their next-of-kin contact info in registry of motor vehicle databases. So far, 20 different states have adopted similar statutes.

"People do not realize what police officers go through in trying to find a person. If I can save just one person from this, it will have been worth it," says Wiant.
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Hi Kim I like ur style.Can I b ur stockist I Nairobi-KENYA?

Luv yr clothes line. Congrats on yr New baby! 💐🌼🌸
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