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In the city of ♥ 
Of course the most amazing thing about having the opportunity to visit other countries is getting to meet new people, experience different cultures and
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♥y does every one do tht emoji not this one ❤💛💙💜💜💗💗💚💘
lucky  lol y not if u hav the mulla
xi mui
i don't understand
City of Heartless New York, New York
Your throwing your scarps my god this woman needs a hanky some body order me some orderves some I can split the check and get my kisses good night.
Nice to see she appears happy and still successful in marketing.
hey this not private wats ur email ill send u a request i go to miami i moved this summer
ok u send me my email is
every society has its own culture to improve the quality of life, life is actually a culture, therefore culture is characteristic of societies where it is located.
Keep doing what ur doing. I admire u jus like I Did ur FATHER. Great man!!!
Not personnally, But I have every book of him.
HER First dad,great lawyer, step dad Bruce Ifollowed him since 76.
Knowledge is important in our lives. GET a kindle n relax WIT a Good book.
Have to GET bck to work. Talk later!!!
Kim you are wearing two of my favorite colors!
So of course I am a fan:)
do it on a motorbike and make friends 4 life......
bootiful kim in butiful paris... Luv u sassy...
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I love you Kim and I hope your covering up for me love happy fourth girl
girl u know shes not gonna answer and also i think the divorce was a good dicision and i think her and kanye match but dont get married.oh kim u inspire me also i know ur not gonna answer can u just answer theres a piont on haven a google plus its for chatting and looking and answering comments sorry thats kind of rude. u know u could be my mom ur the same age as my mom.hehehehehe.......
get in a  fight with who im just saying if i was really gonna get into a fight it would have to be face to fac e
cute outfit!!!!, luv ya, pleez add me,cim ur biggest fan
lol vi know right i think shes in paris love the jacket.
how old r u im 11 oh nice picture its a comment hehe
wat does that i dont know u and wat WAT again wat does that mean
u said pissy xichitia wat does pissy xichitia mean
jessica ur cyber bullying me im gonna report u.
Yea Jessica that's really rude to say piss off...... then say u fuckin retard...... and yes its cyber bullying... .so stop!!
And when we come back we can all say: "Where's the MacDonald's" in 6 different languages. :o)
really im french im in florida now and i might move bak.
your so pretty im your #1 fan i watched keeping up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe take on miami i love when you guys went to the dominican republic
my biggest dream is to meet the jenners and the kardashians
how can i brand my music im dope! luv yah kim k" lillady380myspace music! yah! babay!
Yes, quite so. I loved my trip
its true it is really amazing thing 
Ur gorgeous..but u know that.. unfortunately mankind are the only ones that judge looks. God judges the heart. Not sayin u don't have a good one. Js. The world need not be so superficial. But, i love u guys. But be nicer to kris. Lol
Our momz are crazy, but we owe them life and u owe kris those knock out looks cause u look just like her. ; )

i like to travel my self and your looking grate.
YOU are a pathetic publicity seeking bitch  you bloody basterd
no it's not what you told it to his
you r realy buetifull i hope your boy friend doesnt read this
do you live ?you are beautìul
Hello Dear Kim made a New Year's gift to me please, give me 500 thousand dollars I beg you!
agregar me quiero ser tu amigo
add me to wanna be your friend
Adicione-me quero ser seu amigo
Kim, how are u?
I'm from indonesia....
U look so beatifull ;))
fuck don't talk to her like that bicth
fais c que tu veu
but your views about Nigerians men and women was different, I guess that explains why you refuse to attend the Dare Art Alade show. You missed meeting expectant ladies and gents. uh uh let me see ooooo, personal reason shey?
blue is d color that suits ya.. Kim Ma'am Ji...
hey kim i"m one of your biggest fans i watch all of your shows i've never ever missed one its my dream for you to put me in your circles 
Hi Kim, I'm also your fans. So happy to be friend you...
fresh and strong, you are
I am also a designer. I design pocket squares.
hi kim,you look gorgous on this outfit... HAPPY on hearing that you've put to birth,please note that you and your child is forever loved by my humbly family.
salut l incroyale famille kardashian, vous etes une famille exemple j aime l'armonie qui reigne dans votre famille desolée mais je vais devoir aller sur la page de traduction pour tradure ce message en anglais car le Gabon mon pays est francophone j adore votre look et vous etes tres belle je souhaiterai venir passer un mois de vacances chez toi si ça te dit de m'inviter regarder la tele ne suffit plus
bisou a Brouss jener, kris, kourtney, toi kim, kendal, kylie messon, penelope, je connais pas encore le prénom de ton bebe avec keny west
Soooooooooooooooooooo beutteyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy niceeeeeeeeeeeeee pardesi from dubai
You look amazing<3 I wanna go to Paris too!
Kim it's a litte weird to call a child North West !
I am very glad you got rid of the blondhair. Your skin color really goes with either dr brown or blk. Why did you cut your beautiful hair. I love all the hair in your family. Not to hurt anyone's feelings but in lAst weeks show i realized how very beautiful KLOE & HER HAIR IS ♡♡♡
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