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OMG these are the cutest!! It is my dream to have some one day!!
Baby seahorses are the cutest! My dream is to have some seahorses one day! I love this miniature one... they don't get any bigger than this!
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i heart aquariums in my cabin in the woods i have one as the headboard
Why dont you just get one..?.. how hard can it be to walk into a pet store and buy a couple..?.. ^.^…
Hi Kim, could u just answer me back never text a celebrity,it would make my day. yes they r cute
Hey kim,wanted to know if you wanted to be in the next big t.v series starring you.The show i have is the greatest story never told.
its an urban legend t.v series that i just happened to stumble up on. i love that your now with a gemini,but like all geminis he will be stalked by the illumanati and they will flash him and do what they do to all geminis that capture the spot light. JFK,Marilyn monroe,Tupac,BigL,lisa 'left eye' lopez,biggie smalls,mohamar ghadafi,gabriel gifford.Tell kanye its been a long war agaisnt us geminis,so becarful,a geminis mouth because of the gift to see the future is not permitted in there eyes for some reason.Please, he will understand.we have waited for a long time for another gemini to come and take the spot light again,hes more precious to us than more ways than one.TELL him dont abuse the gift that he has,tell him to go out with a message that will enter the cosmos.
Im guessin your talkin to me. How rude. I meant I I always wanted ONE too...
Dude why do you wanna know if I'm sittin down? And yea whatever 
They taste just like little chickens.
kim follow me on twitter @herhero1
Its Amazing! but you can't ride that lil thing rather lil thing can ride on you Kim...LOL
can't you go to an aquarium and get one? You are Kim Kardashian!
hihi, nice to meet u? good luck for u ! -
If u sleep with me I buy u some
haha love u kim wis we could talk some time heres my # 6182231846
just have a bunch of baby seahorses. like I'm gonna have a bunch of kittens that never grow up
Awwww...soooo cute and lovable!
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE omg looooooveeee it omg I want one
i thought they were fireworks at first and i was all confused
He's trying to hide from you :-)
so is it true you are running for Mayor of Glendale?
Kim! Seahorses are dangerously endangered. How are you helping to #fix this #problem ?
Great choice on running for Mayor of Glendale, California. If you do it in five years Kim, it will prove you are more than just a pretty face.
my friend tweeted u kimm and said u r in our science project! i was in that group and it was glamorous
well why can't u, u r like famous! btw just settle down 4 crying out loud! it's driving everyone crazy!
I ate puffer fish sashimi a while back
Just stoping by to say hope all is well")
Please add me into your circles kim :) (: baby Seahorses are so cute x
Hello Kim,how are you?You have beautiful photos
hello Kim,how are you?You look like sweet princes
Kim Kardashian is doing and where living
its very cool to have baby seahorses as pets cause my uncle have some & they are cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry, aren't you rich? Buy one. I'm pretty sure I could go out and get one and I'm worth probably half of a half of a half of a percent of what you are. Dream: Accomplished.
+Meha Aggarwal haha yes. I'm just saying. she owns a clothing line, has a successful tv show for E!, and is a fantastic model. maybe reach a bit higher. for instance, i personally would love one of those mini giraffes from that commercial. that's a dream. and it is one because they don't exist so that makes them very difficult to get. :-P
kim why don't u buy some then and change one of ur spare rooms ito an aquarium
no joke!
Ian L
I love you Kim. And Kanye. Keep it up!
Love you, and Khole. Added u on twitter
with your bank... girl you could afford anything damn near! Money just cant buy love!
i know tere so cute. baby seahorses.
Joel campbell...
Ur d man.
Your a wonderful person you will find the right guy regeina simmons
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same i love sea horses if u look at my profile pic its of u,khloe and kourtney x BIG FAN
people need to stop hating and start getting a life no one likes haters so move on >-<
you cant ride them!  LOL just kidding
Why do t not buy ur self some sweet ? And a nice aquarium too ! Glad uv enjoyed ur vacation :-)
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had those in my kindergarten class, they are hard to take care of.
is it true the male seahorses carry the babies? man I wish that would work here, then our men will realize it aint just a lazy day putting up your feet. Oh how I wish the tables would turn once in a while. Haha!
I think that if your dream is to have some seahorses, why don't  you have some? They don't need room to run or stables. You don't have to ride or excercise them, and they don't need expensive tack like land horses do. If it was my dream, I'd be living it already with a seahorse ranch and herds of the things. Do it!
agregar me quiero ser tu amigo
add me to wanna be your friend
Adicione-me quero ser seu amigo
I no I saw sum on holz 2 florida they can live 4 1-5 years and if properly fed 7 years
i am so sorry what i did say on gmail
no why please tell me what she did tell kim kardashian she is a perry girl i wach her shows on you tube every day of my life
happy birthday kim kardashian
hi kim so whats going on with ur family .ur sisters and ur? well am from fresno and if ur big sisters around hit me up 
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