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Then and now... Khloe, I love you!
Khloe is very beautiful! shes very level headed and seems like a great wife and family question is…does she have a different dad? from what Kris Jenner states in her book of affairs while ma...
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Did u read the stuff at the bottom about khloe havn a different dad
She may have a different dad but she has the kardashian ass! Lol
im like khloe! both my older sisters look alike except for me. im the lighter skin 1. little bit curvyer then them and my hair is not straight and black as theirs. but at the end im still my fathers daughter lol
i know a bitch she sucks big cocks like a princess and can not imagin.
fuck the hollywood artist. they are not more than a hole ready to penetration. to fuck or not to fuck. this the problen.
my mum alway told me you got nothing nice to say shut the fuck up no boody wonts you negatve post. no khloe has the same dad as he sybilngs she evan got adna test done i think. how can yo say tha any way kyile and kendl do have diffent dod to0 the ather 4 and thay evevan look the same as the rest.
yeah yeah .. this guy is soooo cheap! shut your mouth sissy! he probsbly envy Kim..hahaha
i dont really care who the father is bruce and kris raised her really well :)
oli tho
yeah well Khloe is more pretty than u and u should be helping her with her problems
After all your mother really did screw up!LOL!
the kardashians are my role models i love you guys
Love ur sis transformation on the look and the hair I have thick hair I just really really want straight hair and also smooth ugh I wish I had that kind of hair ans also any way I could make it that way

omy , i so cute , sorry for mi english , now espeak english , espanish yea c: i love kim fron peru
kim and all of ur sisters are soo pretty xxxx
I very much agree, love, love, love you guy's all but khloe is by fair my fav....
L.o.l .... Mmmhhm, Let's find out and see !!!!
your pictures in Dubai are priceless, oh hell your priceless my queen
she's so goreges!!!!!! always was and always will be!!! love all of u!!!!!<33333
i think kim is but i also think everyone is pretty 2
shes the most real and pretty one out of all you whores hahahahah!!!
Love the pics! Stay real you tell it like it is
i think you should no a person first before you want to no more about a persons personal life, (unless its Tv). the person ask you if you new who your rill father was -?- quick pro quot' this is the rill question ( and if they gained anything from this like). wisdom,house,money popularity - do you no anything that bettered there lives getting to no someone for your personal info is i think ~ is" none of my business . her mother should have had this conversation with her little girl this should of not even been in mamma's book i wood be pissed off for my sister because that's what her mother just did bye putting that in to her little girls hole life ~ who's your Daddy , omfg
Wow thats crazi, bet lamar aint picture she looked like that.  He probably woulda pet it movin.  lol  

But I got madd respect for Khloe she works hard and is the most down to earth.  Lamar is a Nit, for the fact he couldn't man up and play for the Mavs, a championship team!!!!
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Dont rehash the past. Khloe is an awesome wife and one day a perfect mom. I love Khloe. She gets it. She puts her husband first. She is focused and disciplined. And though i love u all,.she seems to be the most popular now. She isnt stuck on herself. She keeps it real. Even if she's brutally honest at times. If all u have is looks going for you. Its sad. And pretty shallow. Stop posting pics of urself always and do some good so u will be known for more than a pretty face and hot bod. God can take that tomorrow, then what would u post? I love u guys kim. But a pretty face and a fat bank account will never leave a legacy. Just saying hun
Do something that makes ur heart smile and your father and dad look down and be real proud. 
Wish for a day I could be in ur shoes u girls r stunning and love wachin u on t.v
Luv u khloe ur so sexy <3
Haters! That's all I can really say.....besides she made it and y'all diddnt. Your gorgeous khloe, and my girlfriend loves u.
khole is not pretty she is ratchet kim and the rest of them is prettier lol
khole is pretty  just a hater and wish you where her only khole you are pretty i love you 
agregar me quiero ser tu amigo
add me to wanna be your friend
Adicione-me quero ser seu amigo
kim is going to have a ugly baby cause kanye is ratchet
Khloe is my fab sister, love watching u and Lamar, :)
she mine to what do you like about her
She is honest, funny and down to earth, i hate when i see her feeling insecure about herself, cause i think she doubts herself to much, Lamar is her rock and gives her the wee push she needs now and again, She has so much time for her family and friends, and thats a lovely quality to have, if i could spend a day with either of the sisiters it would be Khloe any day. Thats why i like her,so why do you like her? Amber. have a fab day :)
l luv u to ur sooooo cute
Khloe i dont have a relatonship...with my father i did for a lil bit with my step until that went sour the guy was a weirdo!!!!anyways it doesnt matter u still came out of your moms belly like the rest of her kids and everybody has a fav. and your the hair and the style you pull off (Rock on)
I don't care who the father is I think I the father is robert Kardashian kris's first husband I think if u haven't got something nice to say about them just shut up!!!!!!!!

And just so y'all know, kim is my favourite kardashian. Exquisite beauty and taste in clothes. Curvy, and exotic. Doesn't try to talk down anyone like her sister's do.i could go on and on about you kim but I guess I should rest my case
Me 2 I haven't got any fav's I LOVE them all
Yeah they are all beautiful people. Love em all
I couldnt of said things any better...TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT KATHIE COOKE WROTE !!!!!!!khloe u r that girl that everyone wants to be , your v.pretty , smart,funny,adventuris,You put others first. I could go on and on....YOU ARE THE ONE TO CATCH YOUR FAMILY WHEN THEY FALL....BECAUSE YOU ARE STRONG AND HAVE ALL YOUR( T's crossed and I's dotted )stuff taken care off...
I just received a service call got go be careful
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