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Kim Groneman
Mostly a big lump of ugly
Mostly a big lump of ugly

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Summer 1982
Easter at BYU Marriott center hill
Kids in back yard: Christa, Chad, Ryan, Bryce
Jake in Christa's room
Dave & Julie Dixon
Chad at the table Boogying. Chad's birthday party
Chad opening birthday presents
Easter Morning
Easter with Grandma & Grandpa G, Pat, Randy, Steven, JoLynn
Chad's birthday with the Gronemans
Cambrie's birth in hospital
Cambrie at home & her first bath
Christa on Keith's motorcycle
April 24 - Cambrie sunning
The kids
Marilyn's and Cambrie's flower
Kids playing in the backyard
Kids at Scera Park (Orem)
Dinner at Grandma Haslem's
Grandma & Aunt Ann
Playing with water at Grandma's in the sandpile
Christa & Friends (Laura & Stacy), Chad, & Cambrie
Bare Cambrie outside with Christa & Chad

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1986 - 1988 video 2
Neighborhood party at Faucet house (next door to ours)
Christa singing in a choir
Slip & slide in the back yard
The kids at Gammy's house (Provo) aug 24 86
Our house
Kids playing with Dixon kids in our back yard
Brett sleeping
More kids in the back yard
Family get together and Grandpa Groneman's back yard
Christa's birthday at Grandma Haslem's
Christmas at Grandma Haslem's

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1 - Buff Color guard captain, Cedar hills parade
2 - Buff color guard competetion (outdoor)
3 - Buff color guard competetion (indoor)
4 - Camping at Reservation Ridge with Saundra & Randy & Chad
5 - Benjamin riding horse
6 - Cambrie's wedding Luncheon
7 - Cambrie at temple
8 - BJ colorguard in Highland (earlier)
9 - Another outdoor color guard competition
10 - Jet skis at Bear Lake
11 - Christmas
12 - Benjamin as a baby

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Tomorrow is #October.  Bwahahahahahaha!  I can't wait for #Halloween

Finally Level 8.  I didn't realize it came with a nice little "Welcome to Level 8 and here's a welcome package to get you started" benefit.  Boy....L9 looks far away from here. I'd better get busy.  :-)

Q for the group:  I'm L6.  There's a L6 portal I want to take out with a couple of L8 resonators.  It's right next to a church.  A L8 resonator is INSIDE the church so I obviously can't go stand on it.  Is it worth my inventory to attack the portal given I can't get close to the L8 resonator?

I'm new to this group.   I was hoping to find one for just Northern Utah Valley (Smurfs have 2) but I'm glad I found you!  I'm relatively new (L5) in an area (Cedar Hills) with a L14 and a L16 smurf that regularly wipe any progress I make off the map in a matter of hours.   I'm getting better and stronger though!   FYI this weekend I found a GREAT Enlightened Farm at the Springville Art Museum with a portal on almost every statue on the grounds. to read the getting started guide posted here to see if I can glean anything out of it I haven't found on Google yet.  FYI the most helpful thing I found with Google while I was L1 is

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Photosphere of my little corner of paradise

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Our yearly wilderness trip.  We found more dwellings this trip than on any other.  A lot of big multi room ones and a couple of really neat ones under ledges.  We had a hard time getting over the mountain because of rain/mud so we had to spend a night on the mountain but it dried out enough the next day we could slip and slide our way to our hunting area.  The weather otherwise was just perfect.  Probably in the low to mid 60s for the most part.  We had a couple of showers the first two days but then the rain stopped.  It stayed mostly cloudy all the time.  Perfect for our purposes.  Dinner menu:  Hot dogs, BBQ chicken & veggies, sloppy joes, hobo dinners (my personal favorite), and chili with tamales.  Kert cooked breakfast omlets one morning and buff did scrambled eggs and spam.  Lunches were "on the trail".  We hiked a long way every day.  We would start hiking about 8-8:30 and not make it back to camp until 3 or 4.   The camp spot was probably the most flat we've ever had. Room for lots of tents and people.  I can't wait to see Kert's drone videos.  
2015-05 Canyonlands 2
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