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Kim Crawford-Anti-aging doctor
Works at Anti-Aging internet M.D. ;giving you great advice here and some "warm and fuzzies" and laughs!
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Great article Dr. Kim.
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One of the most annoying but 100%reversible side effects of menopause:
Is menopause belly fat "different" than "other" types of belly fat? Sometimes it absolutely is and it's treated differently. It's common and it's fixable!
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Learn how to curb sugar cravings and also see why the picture you see is two of my rescue collies! Back online this evening-have a super day!
Want to learn how to curb sugar cravings? It's easy if you just follow my simple rules and at some point,you won't miss it one little bit. Here:the secrets!
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No more toxic drugs needed-answers and a free book here if you're trying to lose weight to reduce joint stress, all lifestyle changes you need to make and remarkably effective natural remedies you have never heard of for the most part!
Help for arthritis should not damage the rest of your body! Here's natural,safe,effective help that actually are good for your health!
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Read blog and find fun free gifts for you! Whether you are trying to lose weight (as most people are) or just want to stay healthy you'll love your freebies!
The root of almost all diseases is your diet-but it's certain things about what you are or are not eating that are important for you to know and adjust-now!
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4-5x weekly you'll get great #antiaging and disease prevention info!
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What's the best #sleep aid? NOT a drug-everything you want to know in here. Sweet dreams! Happy weekend! 
The best sleep aid is a combo of natural products and is NOT a sleeping pill by any means. If you are not sleeping well you cannot miss this article!
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Hi there  +Benard Newborn we are friends! G+ friends! I'm sure you are busy with real life friends as I am but certainly we are g+ friends and when you have any medical issues you are more than welcome to ask me! My husband would prefer that I keep my male friends to a minimum as you would imagine.
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Trying to lose weight and can't "get it off the ground?" Try controlled safe medical fasting to lose weight and do it "my way"!No hunger+medical benes!
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Thank you for your lovely comment +Ricky Hale !
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Build a better brain and have a super weekend!
Brain health nutrition is crucial to maintain cognition, focus,and avoid Alzheimer's. Here are the latest findings to add to your "brain list." Enjoy!
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Finally-real help for those who wake up exhausted and achy each day-please share!
Fibromyalgia is 99% treated with drugs. Natural is much better! I will share the best natural treatments for fibromyalgia you will ever hear about!
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Think GI health isn't one of the keys to overall health? Well,you'll be amazed what you can learn in5 min and just click on store for GI module even if you are NOT a member-store being developed with 300 products for all!
It's not your brain-nope, your GI tract is the boss of your whole body-don't think so,then just read this-you can't be healthy without a "good healthy one"!
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Have her in circles
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Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine M.D.
Internet education guru
  • Anti-Aging internet M.D. ;giving you great advice here and some "warm and fuzzies" and laughs!
    JUST ME!!, 2008 - present
  • AgeWellSolutions,LLC
    CEO, 2014 - present
    The AgeWell Solutions Program is not some over-the-top, flavor of the month exercise, diet and supplement regime. This is a well constructed medical and science based program offered exclusively to our Members that truly offers solutions to so many age related issues. Through webinars and interaction with the medical team, and an easy to follow program, you can feel and look 20 years younger. This is not just some fanciful or unsubstantiated claim like you hear so often. See for yourself what others say about this program at as of 9/29/14
  • Vero Beach Life Enhancement and Weight Loss
    We deliver quality anti-aging health care; bio-identical hormones, targeted nutraceuticals, eating and exercise plans;all tailor made for you. We can use Integrative medicine to treat diabetes, high cholesterol, MCI and more., 2008 - present
  • NBC News
    National Medical Reporter, 1984 - 1996
  • WellMed Inc
    CEO Always seeking out the most cutting edge anti-aging and nutritional medical products and services to bring to the public. Worked with F500 Company and b2b reps; using a non-invasive scanner to measure nutritional status;along with the #1 Nano-tech complete nutritional supplement guaranteed to raise anti-oxidant levels and thus help prevent certain diseases, 2006 - 2011
  • Moorspa
    Medical director and Marketing consultant This company is an all-natural spa products business;based in Vancouver. The basis for the products is "moor"; ecologically mined "nature-brewed" botanicals; which have been known to have therapeutic as well as esthetic benefits. I answer medical questions about the products, help test and develop new products,and have set up distributorships in other countries and conducted product training seminars.
  • Advanced Wellcare Group
    CEO and Medical Director Office based medical practice:First as a specialist in Internal Medicine;focusing on acutely ill,ICU patients;then with my own Wellness Center;focusing on disease prevention;then via my Vero Beach Fitness Center; focusing on Sports Medicine;then finally at a private office;starting my Anti-Aging practice. I took a break from office practice to my housecalls practice due to the "boom" in the WellMed opportunity., 1984 - 2007
  • Anti-Aging Housecalls
    Anti-aging M.D., 2007 - 2008
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1600 36th St Suite B Vero Beach Fla 32960
Anti-aging M.D. doing it as IN educator, animal lover,sports fanatic
DrKimsAgeWellSolutions is my way of bringing anti-aging medicine affordably to all. It goes online 9/29/14 with Webinars starting shortly thereafter.

But this is just my business life and not ME.

It is important to me that you know I'm an anti-aging doc because I want to influence your health for the better. Plain and simple. I want to change the health of the world. We are in MORE than financial crisis. The health of everyone is just terrible and I'd like to change that.

But I'm here for friends;and I've made some GREAT ones. I love animals and go all gooey over silly pictures. I follow politics very closely.
And I'm fiercely loyal to all friends,real or virtual (and many of those have become REAL!!
Bragging rights
Love to save animals! Won the Hottel Award at University of Pennsylvania;was nominated for 2 Emmys while on TV
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Friends, Networking
Finest Chiropractic Center ever;polite staff and incredibly competent Physicians in a lovely and calm atmosphere.
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