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Today, I was in a hangout with the filmmaker, Lee Hirsch, who is behind the movie Bully with +Tony McEwing & +Tshaka Armstrong while at the @MyFoxLA studios. Lee shared some very insightful information regarding the status of the movie rating from MPAA. He's looking for local support from everyone to get the word out about the movie and to sign the petition to get the movie rating changed from an R to PG-13. What do you think about this?
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I host and produce a movie review web series which has been watched almost 40 million times since we started production three years ago. I'd be happy to help.
In fact, if Lee were game for an interview, we could probably throw a couple hundred thousand people his way.
+Juan Carlos Bagnell Wow! Thanks for joining the forces. Please send me a private message from my profile with your contact information. Thanks! :)
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