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calm seas
"halcyon" is greek for the kingfisher bird  -once believed to magically calm the seas for 14 days during the winter solstice- floating and nesting on the surface of a peaceful, windless, open ocean it has come to mean a peaceful or tranquil time in life thi...

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I am looking to 2016 as a time to refine my focus. I've always wanted to take an online art class and after lots of thought (overthinking it actually),  I've settled on Seattle based artist Carla Sonheim. Y is for Yellow, a 2016 year long class I love her u...

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red cup
birthday breakfast with my sweet sixteener I recited my "the day you were born" story which included a 3 hour easy labor; our 1st night home in a flu infected household; us two spending the night on the couch. My spiel ended with "let's do this every year" ...

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blue sky ...
... after 2 weeks of rain, it is a welcome sight

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a peaceful moment
... and hoping the same for you dear friends ...

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frost Life is more hectic than ever and I've felt drained "beyond reason" (as I told a friend recently). I will be trying to tend to my creative side more kindly. My sanity and my energy will return as it always does when I have times of "slowing down and s...

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colorful friday
we set out this so called "black friday" in search of any color other than black  ... here is our journey in photos ... this photo is of one of my favorite sights from Interstate 5:  the waste water (i.e. sewage) lagoon in between Everett and Marysville  wi...

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from the porch
I took these pictures 2 days ago from my porch ... beginning with the Moon ... this was about 6:45 a.m. later in the day I tidied up my porch ... all of these things "spark joy" ... (have you read that book by Marie Kondo?)  these are the many sticks collec...

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a still life
sitting still

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