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Visual Skulduggery & The Black Art
Visual Skulduggery & The Black Art

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They should start selling real estate there. We'd have another bubble right away. Damn I want this in Tokyo right now!

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Blast from the past. Unfortunately the box is empty. That's the PowerMac I hauled from Germany to Japan 20 years ago... Back when Macs were expandable. Even the CPU was on a replacable card.
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Triple Display Laptop – what the hell did I just see? @_@

My wishlist for macOS 10.13:
- OpenGL 4.5 support (finally)
- WebRTC support in Safari (finally)
- APFS (pretty sure to come)

How sad is that? Having to hope another major upgrade will finally bring support for open standards that are 3 or so years old? Apple, what the fuck are you doing? You could afford to hire anybody to churn this stuff out in a month.

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8k screen even the price is hi-res: 5k… ;-)

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Where else do you get 400 billion star systems to choose from, modelled on our known universe & an accurate night sky viewed from earth? (Provided you make it back to Sol).

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"Do not assume that Upsetting-Offensive tolerant queries 'deserve' offensive results. Do not assume Upsetting­-Offensive tolerant queries are issued by racist or 'bad' people. Do not assume users are merely seeking to validate an offensive or upsetting perspective."

In other words Google has given up on serving relevant search results.

Come to the #duckside, we have relevant search results and privacy.

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I was just reminiscing how bad management killed one of the most innovative and amazing computers of all time (Amiga). It's such a shame that these rats often shatter some of the best companies in tech, and get away with it.

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Amiga 500 Retro Gaming Console – Oh my god, I so want one. This is nostalgia overload…

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Viva Amiga: The Story of a Beautiful Machine
These movies make me sad, because I think of how cool Commodore could have been, and all the endless opportunities they had and totaly bungled it. C=64, Amiga, what wonderful machines, and what an incompetent company to screw this all up so badly…
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