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MIUI ROM has 10,000,000 users now! Big thanks to our 17 fan sites and every MIUI user! We want to share our love to all with a special MIUILove theme and xiaomi smartphone MI-2!

Please download the theme here

With every download of MIUILove theme, MIUI will donate 0.1 RMB to the Smile Angel Foundation to help children born with cleft lip and palate (CLP) from low-income families. 

Follow +MIUI ROM and share this for a chance to win a MI-2!
 A winner will be announced on 22 Jan. 2013!

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"If you've always been a tad jealous of Android's autocorrection, iOS 5 actually has a very similar feature hidden within the OS. Here's how to enable it."

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Much to do about Flash and why its right and wrong

Today Adobe announced that it would layoff 750 of its employees and cease further developing a few of its technologies including its mobile browser-based Flash player.

Which of course immediately sparked comments like "Steve Jobs won", "Flash was always crap - it was logical" and "Adobe just wanted to kill Steve"...

These are of course completely wrong i.e. only true if:
a) you're not a developer thats actually worked with Flash and HTML5
b) you ignore the layoffs at Adobe (people supporting 1000 Android devices - which doesn't really bring Adobe money and Adobe is not Mother Theresa)
c) ignore the fact that they want to focus on AIR (native apps exported from Flash - which does bring Adobe loads of money)
d) if its about winning - ignore the fact that Steve Jobs wanted to stop Flash as a development environment reaching iOS (he actually wanted to stop AIR - cross compiling Flash as a native app to iOS and keep developers using Objective-C alone - which he did for a while), but that that was lifted last year - so Flash in fact already did win and there are many many Flash apps in the App Store running so good that nobody really notices that they're the "hated" Flash apps... which is the way it should be - why would non-developers care in which technology are their apps developed anyway?

Why I as a developer loved Flash (and still love the concept of it) - can be summed into this -

Its a new "Age of Defenders" game ( done in Flash/Air which runs on multiple screens on Windows, Linux, Mac, as well as iPad, Android tablets and Blackberry Playbook.

Whats absolutely amazing about it is its smoothness and its interoperability - its a multiplayer game where you can play it online from your Linux PC versus someone on for example an iPad. Developers (and investors I imagine) dream come true.

Plus the concept is great as well - its a mix of RTS strategy and tower defense. I don't want to even start playing it before I'm done with work :)

#flash #air

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it's faster than my laptop :'(
Will a quad-core smartphone be any better than a dual-core model? What about battery longevity when the phone has to cope with those two additional cores as well as a larger screen?

We're just wondering how important speed is with a smartphone, anyway. Perhaps if it becomes routine for people to dock smartphones into keyboards with larger screens and use them the way they do laptops today, it will matter more, but it seems battery life is the key issue today.

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Amazing... O_o
Stop motion animation with Jelly Beans.
22 months
1,357 hours
30 people
2 ladders
1 still camera

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#patents #legal #google

"In an interview with The Chronicle's +James Temple, Google's patent counsel, Tim Porter, argues that the system itself is broken. For too long, the patent office granted protection to broad, vague or unoriginal ideas masquerading as inventions. That inevitably led to the legal dramas now unfolding, he said."

** Also, don't forget to circle both the author and +David Drummond, Google's Chief Legal Officer.

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Shipping The Google In Google+ - Youtube integration and Chrome extensions
from the Official Google Blog - via +Vic Gundotra

Have you seen the Youtube slider over there --> on the right-hand side? Check it out!

*Mouse over the new YouTube icon at the top right of Google+
*It'll slide out and ask, "What would you like to play"?
*Enter whatever you're in the mood for (like a topic or a musical artist)

Sharing YouTube videos with your circles also works (of course), but there's a nice little twist: the people you share with can open a related playlist directly from your post! Last but not least, we’re starting to include YouTube playlists in Google+ search results.

We're also rolling out two new Google+ Chrome extensions:

*+1 button: +1 any webpage and share it with your circles
*Notifications: check your Google+ notifications while you browse the web

Find out more at:

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Happy Wednesday! If your internet goes down, don't panic. Just follow these suggestions.
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