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Interesting Facts About the Canadian Video Game Industry
Is it true that boys play more video games than girls? Click for the answer, and lots more interesting facts about gaming in Canada! #gaming #VideoGames
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McDonald's mcdouble

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Back to School Tips for Parents on a Budget
Here are some tips to make this time of year a little cheaper.
Do you have any tips to share?
Do not spend a fortune on back to school supplies   Children often have mixed feelings about back to school time. They cannot wait to see their f
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The 8 Types of Roommates
Which one are you?
Which ones have you dealt with?
Have we forgotten any?
Choosing a roommate can be tricky! Here is a list of roommate types that you may want to steer clear of.
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Why should you fix your pet? The Ontario SPCA explains the consequences of putting it off, and how you can help!
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Thanks so much natalie i would like to know if i to go with tourist i get to change my visa for work or student?
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Selling Your Home By Owner: Is it a Smart Choice?

Thinking about selling your house? Looking at the commissions that real estate agents charge on every sale makes selling your home by owner look like a great option, but is it right for you? A lot of what traditional real estate agents do is invisible. Selling your home by owner might be a great way to save yourself major cash – or it might be a gigantic headache and far more trouble than the savings on commission is worth. Whether or not it is a good idea depends on whether you are equipped to do the work. Not everyone is, and some give up midway through the process and hire a real estate agent anyway. For those who are able to pull off the process well, it is a great way to save some of the huge costs associated with moving. How do you know if selling your home yourself is a good idea for you?

house for sale by owner 

You are comfortable negotiating. Buying or selling a house is the biggest transaction of a lifetime for most people, and the negotiations can drag on and get pretty complex. Buyers might have all sorts of strange demands, and if you go into the transaction alone, you will need to be educated on what demands are standard, and what are unreasonable. They will also be looking to save money on the list price, so if you are selling your home by owner, make sure you are comfortable haggling and don’t take low offers personally. If you are not comfortable negotiating prices, it will be worth it to pay a professional to do so on your behalf. If you don’t negotiate often, but want to sell your home by owner anyway, practise often with smaller items before listing your home. Learn how to negotiate without causing offense.

You are comfortable touring strangers through your house. Not everyone is, and that is ok. Buyers might criticize your décor choices, talk about things they would change, walls they would knock down, and do things like test your taps, inspect your back basement, or flush your toilets. You’ll have to act professional and like none of those things get under your skin so as not to scare off the buyers or sour the transaction before it starts.

You have the time and a flexible schedule. Prospective buyers are going to want to tour the home before making any offers, and their schedule might be wildly different from yours. You can reduce the time commitment if you are able to schedule house tours in groups of prospective buyers, but you will have to be prepared to let a significant number of people into your home, which could end up being weeks or months of moving around your schedule to accommodate them.

You can think about your home’s value objectively. It can be difficult to determine the worth of your own possessions. People tend to value their own things higher than they might value the same thing if it did not belong to them. If you are someone who tends to price items you have owned for the same price as you paid for them or more, you might want to think about enlisting professional help to assess the value of your home. If you prefer to set the price on your own, check out what comparable properties have sold for in your neighbourhood or town to get an indication of a good starting point.

You can say no to people. If you handle the sale yourself, you will have to turn down low ball offers, and likely also ward off agents trying to get your business. If you have a hard time saying no firmly and politely, selling your home yourself might balloon into a giant headache for you.

Selling your home by owner has the potential to be a great way to save money, or a total waste of your time and resources. Being honest with yourself about what you are willing to put into the process, and your chances of success will be much higher.
Thinking about selling your house? Looking at the commissions that real estate agents charge on every sale makes selling your home by owner look like a great op
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Need a Job? Want to be a Gargoyle?
"Hello, Im a very rich entrepreneur looking for 2 people around 150 pounds in weight to pose all day long as human gargoyles, the pedestal you will be perched on is 1 square foot and you must remain there perfectly still for the entire shift no matter what the weather, lunch and bathroom breaks can only occur when there is absolutely nobody in the area, being seen off your pedestal by anyone will get you terminated immediately. costume and makeup are from 5:00am to 7:00am time posing as gargoyle will be 7:00am to 5:00pm, non smokers preferred.respond with your weight and build no resume required..."

#jobs #careers  
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Kijiji objet a donner
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How are you celebrating the end of summer?
Here are some ideas! #LabourDay
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How did this junk end up on my G+? How can I block similar posts?
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Off-Campus vs. On-Campus - Which is Cheaper?
We took a look to see if it was cheaper to live on-campus or off-campus!
How much are you paying for accommodations this school year?
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Want to know what your phone is worth?
Do you need to upgrade your cell phone?
#cellphone #PriceChecker  
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Hi Kijiji Canada, I noticed that you folks hardly post once in a month or two on Google Plus. How does that help a business like yours? I mean isn't that too low of a frequency? Or you think you have less followers on G+?
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These 8 Common Resume Mistakes Will Land Your Resume in the Shredder
Looking for a job is tough, but it becomes exponentially harder if your resume is not up to snuff. Your resume is, in many cases, the first impression that you are giving to a company. The hiring manager or recruiter doesn’t know any of your great qualities, and they never will if your resume doesn’t get their attention. Even a small mistake on a resume can send the message that you don’t pay attention to detail. What are the major offenses that will get your resume thrown into the paper shredder or recycling bin?

1. The resume is too long. If above the recommended length, you are demanding too much time and attention from the recruiter before proving yourself. Keep their interest, and keep it short! Every 10 years deserve 1 page – don’t surpass this limit, no matter how tempting it might be. If there is something you feel you must share, put it in a separate cover letter.

2. Tiny font. A page for 10 years is not a lot, but just because you want to fit things in, don’t make the font small. Being legible to your eyes is not enough; people have different levels of comfort with small text, and if they need a magnifying glass or to dig out their glasses, or generally strains their eyes, they will likely move onto a more pleasurable read. Don’t assume they will go over it in detail. Make it easy on the reader to maximize your chances of success.

3. Too much creativity disrupting the accepted template. Recruiters and hiring managers are conditioned to look at resumes in a certain way. You can switch things up, but don’t turn convention on its head. You will irritate them by making them take too much time to find the key information points.

4. Regurgitating job descriptions. Don’t copy and paste every job description you’ve had on your resume. If you have a common job title, a reader in your industry will understand your responsibilities without an explanation. Instead, use this space to discuss your accomplishments and the value you brought to your prior employers. How much did you sell? What records or goals did you shatter? Tell the story of your results and success rather than listing duties.

5. Not adding sufficient contact information. Different companies like to communicate differently – accommodate this reality by being easily accessible in many ways. Phone number and email are essential, and as many companies will be checking on your social media, include the links to your profiles to make their job easy.

6. Spelling mistakes. Errors in spelling is a surefire way to show that you are not someone who pays attention to detail. In some fields, a spelling mistake on a resume might kill your chances completely.

7. Making company errors on cover letters. While customization is a great idea, be very careful that you are sending the right company names and not mixing up your cover letters. Sending a cover letter with the wrong company name on it is worse than forgoing the cover letter.

8. Keyword spamming your resume. Don’t put white text on your documents to make it past automated filters in hidden corners. If you can’t include a keyword legitimately in your text some way, leave them out. Put it in your future interest section if you absolutely must have a certain keyword, but don’t try to get past filters with spam. Recruiters will catch on, and they won’t be impressed.
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5 Tips for the First Time Home Buyer

With mortgage rates possibly headed even lower and property values skyrocketing in some parts of the country, many are considering if now the time to take the plunge into home ownership is now.

1st Time Home Buyers 

Think with your head, not your heart. Buying a home is emotional, we get it – but, ideally, you should treat it like you would any other investment to get the most out of the transaction. It is easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and be so afraid of losing out that you are willing to overlook certain things, or skip certain steps such as the home inspection (don’t let anyone pressure you into buying without a home inspection clause, and don’t use the inspector recommended by the selling agent).

Crunch the numbers (independently). So you are pre-approved for a mortgage? Great – that is a good way to show sellers you are serious, and to get an idea of what the bank will give you. Don’t make the mistake of trusting what the bank says you can afford. Remember, selling mortgages is big business for them, and they are trying to sell you on using their products. They will likely pre-approve you for an amount higher than what you can actually afford, as they don’t take into account your daycare costs, the price of your daily commute, what it will cost to make home repairs, and all those other day to day living expenses. Make sure the amount of mortgage you are signing on for is something you can realistically carry, and do some additional calculations for in case interest rates go up. You don’t want to be forced to sell if interest rates rise. Don’t forget to consider different payment schedules and amortization periods. A shorter amortization period or accelerated biweekly payments rather than monthly could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. See how much you could save by using the federal government’s home buyers plan (up to $25000 for an individual, or $50000 for a couple can be borrowed from RRSPs). Does it make sense to use for you?

Remember the invisible costs. Closing costs, land transfer taxes, moving, home repair and renovation costs, and real estate lawyer fees all need to be factored in to the total cost of owning a home. Make sure you have plenty of room in your budget.

Buy at the right time for you and your family, not for interest rates. It is tempting to rush to take advantage of a great rate, but if you end up buying before you can afford it, you might not be as happy in your house as you are imagining yourself to be. Being house poor is no fun, so make sure you have a good down payment and you are comfortable taking on the extra commute, payments, or responsibility of making all the fixes yourself at this point in your life. Do you know your credit score? If it is low, you would save money by improving your credit worthiness before buying a home, and rushing might not make sense.

Don’t furnish your home on credit. Once you move into a big house, after spending all your extra cash on closing fees and moving, it can be tempting to furnish your house with a “buy now, pay later” arrangement. Don’t do it – wait until you have the money for the furniture you want, and save money by buying used furniture on your local Kijiji.
With mortgage rates possibly headed even lower and property values skyrocketing in some parts of the country, many are considering if now the time to take the p
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For some people, home is a place where you can take your socks off, kick back and just relax. For me, home is a yellow banner with six blue letters and a seemingly endless assortment of everything I could ever dream of.

Kijiji has become an incredible resource for me. I find all sorts of unique and inexpensive things that I probably wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. My house, job, dogs, car, appliances, electronics – honestly just about everything in my life has come from Kijiji.

Often I share my treasures with my friends on Facebook and so many of them seem amazed by what I’m able to find and bring home. To me, I don’t do anything out of the ordinary, but I thought I’d share a few of my search habits that help me to discover those hidden gems on my favourite classified site.

1. Call it Something Else

Think outside of yourself. If you’re looking for a couch, try words like ‘sofa’ or ‘sectional’ to find other items that you might not find by just searching for the word ‘couch’. Sometimes people label things differently than you might, so knowing which words to search for can help you to find hidden gems on Kijiji.

Using the example of the couch still, you can narrow it down by the colour, type of material, etc. If you want a leather sectional, why bother going through hundreds of couches that aren’t what you’re really looking for? Read other ads and see if they use other words that you didn’t think of.

2. Broaden Your Search

Once you feel like you’ve gone through all of the obvious words that the item could be called, start thinking outside the category. Just as people might not name things the same as you, sometimes they’ll list an item in a category that you wouldn’t normally expect to find it.

Broaden your search to all of Kijiji and type in ‘leather sectional’. Maybe that couch you’re looking for is hidden away in a not so obvious place you might otherwise miss if you only search in the ‘couches, futons’ category on Kijiji.

3. How Much Do You Want to Pay?

I find a lot of things because I also narrow my searches by price. If I want to pay $100 for something, I might start with a maximum price of $60 and see what comes up. If I don’t find anything, I’ll do another search between $61-80 and so on. It can help to narrow down a big list of results and also give you an idea of what a good deal is in that category.

If I mentally agree that $100 is my maximum price, I would search all the way up to $150. Remember that Kijiji is great for bartering. No matter what I inquire about, I always ask what the seller’s best price is. Sometimes they’ll say the price listed is their best price, but many times the person will drop their asking price by a few dollars if you agree to pick up the item sooner than later.

4. Search Away from Home

It’s great when you can find something and it’s close to home. By venturing outside of your area code, you open up a whole new world of opportunities. Driving a little further can be completely worth it if the price is right or if there’s something you want that you haven’t been able to find nearer to where you live.

I usually keep a wish list of things that would be great to have. If I’m planning to go away for the day or on a weekend roadtrip, I do a quick Kijiji search to see if any of those items will be on my route or near my destination. I’ve found lots of things away from home. Sometimes they’re a little too far to drive for just that, but because I was planning to go there already, it was totally worth it.

5. Patience

Every once in a while you get lucky and find just what you want exactly when you want it. Other times, patience is the key. As I mentioned, I keep a list of things that I need or would like to have either just in my head, or in Evernote (another must-have tool of mine).

To some, it might seem like I’m finding things all the time, but in reality it can just be that the timing is right. Other times, I’ve been searching for something for a few months and it’s just happened to come up now. Setting up Kijiji email alerts is a really easy way to find what you want, if you don’t check the website as often as I do.

So that’s it. No rocket science, just simple tips to help you find awesome things on Kijiji.

Happy Hunting!
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Canada's #1 Free local classifieds site

Kijiji is Canada’s most popular free, local classifieds site. Kijiji offers a convenient, fun, and easy way for people in the same city to buy, sell, trade and help each other out in areas such as goods, cars, services, housing, pets and jobs.

With an easy-to-use format and an amazing variety of local ads, Kijiji is a unique community where everyone is committed to sharing more and wasting less. People can easily find cars for sale, used furniture, kids toys, electronics or sporting equipment in their local area saving them time and money. 

The word “kijiji” (pronounced like key-gee-gee) means “village” in Swahili. This name was chosen because it captures the essence of what we are creating – a site where people can connect with others in their community.

Quick Facts:

  • Over 11 million unique monthly visitors
  • 1 in 3 Canadians use our site on a monthly basis
  • 5000 new classifieds are posted every hour, equivalent to a new ad posted every 0.7 seconds!