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Killing Weeds in Your Garden?!
So you’ve spent hours and hours planning your beautiful lawn and weeks working hard to execute your vision – now you have your gorgeous, landscaped yard on your beautiful home, exactly like you envisioned. How will you protect your precious lawn from the ever-present, ever-annoying problem of weeds that will overtake your lawn quickly if you don’t know how to prevent and control it?

Many of us are very limited in our knowledge of garden weed removal options aside from the usual store-bought chemicals, which is why we here at Kijiji have assembled a quick list of safe and natural effective garden weed removers to help keep your lawn (and by extension, the house that just so happens to be attached to it) looking its best.

#gardening #spring #flowers  
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Nice place
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"CHICK MAGNET" 1987 Ford Crown Victoria LTD Wagon
OK, maybe it will not attract WOMEN, (my wife will not get in it), BUT, if you are lady and want to have conversations with 60 year old MEN every time you fill this rare beauty up with gas, THIS car is for YOU! Bound to get some action!

Daily driver in the summer, GREAT shape needs nothing for a safety.

5.0 V-8 (302), Fuel injected. Starts/runs perfect. Great ride from the past!

Interior and carpets mint, original paint. Clean smoke free car. garage stored.

Rust free shiny chrome, all glass good. Ziebarted when new, oiled now yearly. 

The exhaust, brakes, shocks have all been recently done or replaced.

I have TWO complete sets of tires with rims, 4 summer and the 4 snows are on.

I am second owner with cars full history from date of original purchase in 1987.

I will safety at my price, but I am open to a reasonable offer on this RARE car.

Call Phil In Port Loring anytime. 705 757 2554.

I am one hour south of North Bay and/or Sudbury.

I MAY be open to some interesting trades PLUS cash...maybe!

I need this SOLD as my wife says soon I have to paint it BLACK and start picking up bodies! She just doesn't get it????

View the ad if you're interested in this car:

#ChickMagnet #cars #ford  
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oh baby
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Free Game Boy Advanced!
Some of you gamers asked about the Game Boy Advanced we found while doing #SpringCleaning so here it is! Just simply follow us on G+ and comment where you're from!

For a bonus entry, reply to the original ad:

We will randomly select someone and announce the winner Monday, March 31st.

#gaming #GameBoy  
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+Kijiji Canada
I would like a xbox one since we already have a ps4! Enter me in already!
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Oh No! March Madness Bracket Busters!
What a start to March Madness! How's everyone's bracket doing?

#NCAA #Basketball #MarchMadness  
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Delivery of fresh Cakes and Chocolates to Hong Kong on this Mother’s Day.You are just one click away from sending gifts to your beloved mummy and make her feel proud for having such sensible children. Just pay your visit to this online store and honored your mummy at ease.
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Kijiji Canada

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DIY: Transform an Old Bike into a Sweet Ride!
Remember the old vintage bike you road around the neighbourhood in as a kid? Remember the enjoyment of pulling up to the corner store and leaving with a basket filled with treats?

Those memories don’t have to be all that distant – with a number of old vintage bicycles left by the curbside and sold at yard sales each spring and summer, or those posted on Kijiji and other online classifieds. You may also find an old beater lying around your grandparents’ garage. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and while many might not want to spend the time and energy it takes to get rid of some rusty spots, replace some old parts and tune up the brakes, it’s the perfect do-it-yourself project! Not only does it teach you basic fixer-up skills you’ll likely use for the rest of your life, but it will also save you money from buying a new bike.

You can also feel proud that you’re spreading a little love by keeping that old bicycle from eventually making its way to a landfill and turning an old beater into something road-worthy again.
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Have them in circles
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Staying Safe & Ethical When Searching for a New Pet
Spring is always a popular time for adding new pets to the family. How can you ensure that the process goes smoothly?

One of the most important things to remember when shopping for a pet online is to make sure to meet the animal in person before making any commitments. This includes inspecting the conditions that the animal has been raised in, and meeting the animals parents. Ask the owner or breeder to visit them at their home to see these conditions. Reputable breeders should have no issue showing off their kennels and where the animals reside. If there are more than 3 dog breeds being raised in the same location, be aware that it may be a puppy mill, and the animal may not be in the best of health (and you may be supporting an unethical breeding operation). If you do suspect that this is the case, alert your local SPCA or humane society.
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Your right Josh, a big St. Bernard Puppy , but I breed Shih Tzu and they are very tiny, but really it's the mom and how she is with her puppies too. My Moms are very loving and very protective and I am been blessed, they are good moms who I also don't want to stress out. As far as Jealous Mom's No I have not experienced that, my girls don't get bred before 2 and a half years old by then they are secure with themselves and us, having the babies then well they just seem to be so good at it. They also make me proud. I never liked the term breeder , it has so much bad behind iit, but many of us are changing that now and I hope it continues.
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We Hate Counterfeits! How to Spot Replica Merchandise
No one likes to be surprised to learn that they purchased counterfeit merchandise – but with misleading photos, copies that are closer to the original than ever, and persuasive sellers that make a business out of passing off knock-offs as the real deal, being able to tell the difference between authentic designer fashion and imitations is harder than ever.

How is a budget conscious fashionista to know the difference between an amazing deal on a gem, and a counterfeit that isn’t worth a fraction of the purchase price?
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The original is not worth a fraction of the purchase price either.  Buy quality, not overpriced crap.
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Kijiji Canada

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Ever wanted a Kijiji item, but don't want to leave your house? Exciting news: we are launching a full service RC car delivery system!
Learn more:
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Just hire a Dalek to do the deliveries. Problem solved.
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Employers: How to get more applicants
How can you drive the most applicants with relevant skills to your job ad? By proving as much relevant information on your company and the open position as possible! Many employers hesitate before divulging the name and specific details of a company on a job posting – but they shouldn’t!

Creating a vague job ad has multiple drawbacks, including that they may deter the more qualified candidates, who are skeptical of a posting without identifying information, while creating more work for your recruiters or hiring managers. In the market of today, unemployment is unfortunately fairly high across most industries, which generally results in more resumes and applications for each posted open position than in the past. The more specific you can be about the job opening and the company, the more likely the resumes you receive will be tailored to the position you are attempting to fill. Job postings without many details are more likely to invite loads of mass applications from job seekers playing the “numbers game” with their resume. The time of your human resources department is much better spent looking through resumes of those who have already decided that your company is worth applying to than it is looking through piles of resumes from those who may or may not be qualified, and who may or may not actually want to work for you in particular.

Beyond saving time through having a more targeted pile of resumes to screen, your company will save time once it comes to the interviews if the job ad is in depth and specific. If all applicants have a clear idea about what company they applied for, the onus is on them to do further research and educate themselves about the organization and the open position. If the nature of the company has been left a mystery until the last moment, the interviewer will have to spend time in every interview giving background about the organization. If all the company info was clear from the get-go, the interviews can skip strait to getting to know every applicant on a personal level, and hearing their informed thoughts on why they would be a good fit.

Divulged the company name, now thinking about posting the salary? Better off leaving that to the interview. Publicizing the salary can make employees in similar positions feel uncomfortable. If the posted salary is higher than what you are paying, you run the risk of making current employees feel disgruntled. If it is lower than what they started at, it might appear that they are being replaced by lower paid workers. Even if the salary is the same, it might lead to current employees feeling uncomfortable that their salary is being publicized. In addition, posting salaries makes it easy for your competitors to uppercut to win contested candidates in specialized fields. People at other companies do pay attention, and recruiters will increase what they are offering if trying to recruit for a similar position.

Can’t reveal the company name? Confidential searches are common, but be sure to at the very least specify the industry and give some information about the company culture. Be up front about the fact that it is a confidential search, as applicants will understand that there was a good reason for not sharing details
Would you apply to a job ad that doesn’t list any details about the hiring company?
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great points! Being up front with details saves so much hardship down the road.
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Taya Marquis Rocks out with Kijiji
Taya uses Kijiji to find instruments and even other musicians to jam out with! Check out the cover and her story!

All you need is a little creativity when it comes to pursuing a career as an artist.

Just ask Taya Marquis, who has been using Kijiji to find others like her who are just as ambitious and driven to succeed as she is.
Taya shared her story with us a few months ago when by chance; she met us at an event she happened to be performing at. As we got talking she shared how Kijiji has been a great crowd sourcing platform for her to find people to jam with, instruments, talent and musical equipment.
Since then, she’s created an awesome cover of Fall Out Boy’s My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light’Em Up). Collaborating with other musicians, Nimbus Art Films and Howl Studio, the video slows the original down a bit, showing off Taya’s style and not to mention some swag from Kijiji!

“My music is more pop, but I love to take music of all genres and put my own spin on it,” she said.

Taya added the first time she heard the song, she knew it would work for her voice.

“I think Fall Out Boy makes some great music, and after a 10 year hiatus I had to celebrate them coming back,”
But Taya hasn’t always been at the front and centre stage, ready to rock the mic. For years, she was behind the scenes, crafting her talent as a songwriter. After graduating from performing arts school Cawthra Park Secondary School in her hometown of Mississauga, she moved to California to work with Bird Call Productions as their main songwriter. She helped co-write A La Discotheque with pop sensation Ke$ha and also returned to school at the Metalworks Institute of Sound and Music Production to graduate from the entertainment business management program where she received the Songwriter of the Year award.
Now, Taya finds herself following her passion for writing, but is doing it for herself this time around.

She’s currently working on her own EP and getting her name out on the music scene by collaborating with other artists and performing at the 2010 and 2011 Canada’s Walk of Fame Emerging Artist Showcase, Honey Jam 2012 and more recently at Wekfest 2013 alongside Snoop Dogg, Finger 11 and Justin Nozuka.

Kijiji is just one of the ingredients to her recipe for success, helping her along in her career as a singer/songwriter.

Being a new artist, she said, it’s a great source in helping her find people she can collaborate with, whether it’s other musicians or videographers to help her film her videos on YouTube.
“I use Kijiji for almost everything music related. I’ve found tons of musicians that have played on my songs and performances. It has also been the most helpful for finding videographers and photographers that have filmed a few of my videos on Youtube, and have conducted a couple of my photoshoots,” she said.

“You’d think people posting things would be amateur and low quality, but I’ve found people just as good, if not better than professionals you’d find at major companies,” she said. “I love working with people I find on Kijiji because I feel like we’re both starting out and we’re in the same boat.”

Check out the Artists and Musicians section on Kijiji to start jamming with others!
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Canada's #1 Free local classifieds site

Kijiji is Canada’s most popular free, local classifieds site. Kijiji offers a convenient, fun, and easy way for people in the same city to buy, sell, trade and help each other out in areas such as goods, cars, services, housing, pets and jobs.

With an easy-to-use format and an amazing variety of local ads, Kijiji is a unique community where everyone is committed to sharing more and wasting less. People can easily find cars for sale, used furniture, kids toys, electronics or sporting equipment in their local area saving them time and money. 

The word “kijiji” (pronounced like key-gee-gee) means “village” in Swahili. This name was chosen because it captures the essence of what we are creating – a site where people can connect with others in their community.

Quick Facts:

  • Over 11 million unique monthly visitors
  • 1 in 3 Canadians use our site on a monthly basis
  • 5000 new classifieds are posted every hour, equivalent to a new ad posted every 0.7 seconds!