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Here it is everyone, the merge of my two animations that I posted yesterday

Edit: Updated version with download link - https://plus.google.com/117256617020953659630/posts/7UDFv7GDMD1
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Because is like PA3+ (first part) and CM10 (second part) boot animations :)
+Adriano Loiacono I have never seen PAs old animations so I don't know about that one and I don't really see how it is like CMs old boot animation other then that fact that there is something spinning which hardly makes them similar.
I made this for AOKP from there logo, I am not putting "ParanoidMod" under it
I know about the ROM but I have not used there ROM before.
What's your point?
I don't see how it would be hilarious
Paranoid... CyanogenMod... Two animation fused in AOKP's boot animation... that's hilarious! No?
They are not fused into one boot animation this is separate from them I was not trying to use there animations this one your commenting on looks nothing like either of PAs or CMs
Mate I'm just a school student having fun creating things if you don't like what I've done that's cool go do your own thing no need to be like this
can we go ahead and get this animation, or are you waiting until the contest is over?
Looks awesome. I would submit something if I actually played with animation and had the time lol. Hope this wins though. Either way you should make it a boot animation for all to have anyways ;)
+Adriano Loiacono maybe +Kiernan Moore should just put "brought to you by the every spinning mouse icon ever, whirlpools, hula hoops, COGS (!!!!! it's how they work!!!!) the wheels on the bus, and fangirls like you."
This is so much better than the one they chose I'll be using this one. 
+Kiernan Moore Please message me with your shipping address so I can get the Chromecast out to you.  
can u make it for 480x320 resolution ?
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