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Kieran Salsone
Online News Editor, satirist and writer.
Online News Editor, satirist and writer.

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I have a bad feeling about what it will be in 2020... ;-)

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Firstly, I'm broadcasting again and this time I'm writing the upcoming "Horoscope Season" for my LimerickEachDay project. 

Secondly, does anyone know how I can make the link previews for a hangout not look as ugly as hell?

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I'm doing a hangout while I'm writing Limericks for my LimerickEachDay project!

I'm going to put my money on the likelihood that the person in question isn't going to see this - Yesterday I had one of those kisses that melts your brain. To be continued. 

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A part of my job is to implement this policy, and my opinion is that I'm quite good at it. 

Moderating comments on a private platform like this, especially in a pre-moderated context, is hard but better than the alternative.

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I have a morbid fascination with the bomb. I've had recurring nightmares about them since I was young, which is weird, because I was not quite five when the cold war ended. 
We have made some amazing, but equally terrifying discoveries.
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I intend to wear Google Glass when they come out. Let me know if that bothers you so I can cut you out of my life. 

Anyone else having trouble with the Facebook API this morning?

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