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Hi guys, this is a very old shot from the Nikon D80, I had this jpeg nestled in a random folder on my old hard drive and thought I would give it a makeover. This was shot near Cathedral rocks on the south coast of NSW, Australia. I was just finding my way in photography at this point so it's not a show stopping image but one that I am happy to keep. 
No filters were used, just the morning light and some ocean in motion :)
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You have a wonderful touch with moving water. Another great pastel palette...
Yep, this is perfect for wallpaper... I realy like the colors of the sky.
I love the layering of the stone and the three ocean levels with the monochrmatic foreround leading to the pale colors of the sky. I think it was a great choice of shutter speed, since you have water moving at different rates you best balanced the larger body of water (not too smooth, still has power and motion) with the waterfall. This shot appeals to me very much.
Amazing - it's from an old camera but it still looks good. Don't let this get out, it will be bad for camera sales!
Ke Zeng
It's breathtaking! The lighting is beautiful!
This is pretty darn awesome sir, looks like a show stopper to me.
Outstanding photo! Great shot!
Terrific photo ! Have to ask everything you know now what would you do differently ?
I love the sense of the water flowing over the rocks.  
You have some great locations down there mate.
so beautiful..,can i use this picture and share with my friends in FB??  thanks~~ 
Dear Kieran, thanks so much~~~ 
Lovely picture. Beautiful tones and great water motion!
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