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My son Darrion :)
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Wow, that's a great image - really nailed the post processing.
Extremely cool portrait. If he doesn't love it now, he will later in life and thank you for creating this.
Fantastic treatment; great tones, lovely framing. Gorgeous.
Provacative and thought provoking... a feast for the eyes
Wow, I'm blown away. What a great and inspirational portrait.
One of the best portraits I have seen in a long time...fantastic.
Fantastic shot +Kieran O'Connor

My home would be full of framed shots like this of my kids if I had 1/100th of your talent.
Thanks guys, I'm pretty happy with this one. A couple more from this set coming over the next week.
Cracking shot, it has something of the film Empire of the Sun about it.
A very beautiful portrait. I love the colour and tone in this image.
My lord that's awesome. Virtual high-five has been sent.
Jest pełne barw których nie widać.
Beautiful. Congratulations.
Great picture but I dont understand your choices of camera settings. ISO 50 and a shutter speed of 1/25 @ 85mm f1.8?
Wonderful shoot from a great Artist.With an Irish name,I wonder if you  go to Ireland to shoot someday as there are splendid landscape all over.Complements to your amazing son.
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