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Hi guys, a new image, and hopefully my last with the D90. Standing on a cliff edge looking north towards Rangoon Island, a little windy and a little nerve-racking. The sunset colours were not the greatest but the atmosphere here more than made up for it.
Now, while I am writing I have a couple requests. I would like to start the ball the moving on a charity auction for one of my prints, The first of many I hope. If anyone has any ideas or advice about how I would set this up, PLEASE send me an email at
Secondly, I need some work, preferably photography related but I'm not in a position to be picky. I'm pretty desperate so I will take anything. Hell I'll clean toilets for a living! If you or someone you know has something available and would give an honest guy a fair go, please contact me. I hate having to resort to this on my public profile but, times are tough and sometimes you have to simply ask.
Thanks guys!
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Beautiful colors. In my opinion the subdued pinky hue of the sunset worked to your advantage, giving this image a different feel than most sunset images.
Kieran, good to see your work again. I love the soft colors of the sky and sea contrasting with those rugged cliffs. Wish I was there!
well I must say you NAILED it with this one +Kieran O'Connor - perfect detail in the water and I really love the colors.
Great work, +Kieran O'Connor! With such excellent work like this you'll surely get an assignment soon. Have high hopes and good luck!
Good luck on finding a job, and because it would be cool, I hope you find one from your contacts here :)
Your work is amazing. Hard to imagine that the dollars have not all ready started showing up. Keep doing what you are doing.
The Best to You in Your Endeavors.
Ke Zeng
I enjoy so much every detail of your photograph! After seeing your work, I feel shamed to have upgraded my camera.
Thanks everyone! +Jeffery Paul Bennett Auction hasn't started yet, hopefully soon. The print will be a 20x30 inch and I'll be mentioning when its up here on G+, stay tuned!
I dont want to live in my country anymore...!! :o this is A-M-A-Z-I-NG !!
I'll ask around re: work & pass your details along. Hopefully something will come your way very soon. Many Blessings to you & your family +Kieran O'Connor.
In regards to the Auction I would just take the easy path of trying out ebay.
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