Hi guys, a new image, and hopefully my last with the D90. Standing on a cliff edge looking north towards Rangoon Island, a little windy and a little nerve-racking. The sunset colours were not the greatest but the atmosphere here more than made up for it.
Now, while I am writing I have a couple requests. I would like to start the ball the moving on a charity auction for one of my prints, The first of many I hope. If anyone has any ideas or advice about how I would set this up, PLEASE send me an email at kieranoconnorphotography@gmail.com
Secondly, I need some work, preferably photography related but I'm not in a position to be picky. I'm pretty desperate so I will take anything. Hell I'll clean toilets for a living! If you or someone you know has something available and would give an honest guy a fair go, please contact me. I hate having to resort to this on my public profile but, times are tough and sometimes you have to simply ask.
Thanks guys!
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