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Kieran O'Connor
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Kieran O'Connor

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+Carolyn Fahm Thankyou :)
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Kieran O'Connor

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“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Watercolor painting.
#depression #watercolor #painting #moody #illness #suicide
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Bad day at the office ?
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Kieran O'Connor

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Finally after waiting a month for my paint to arrive I got to play with my watercolours. Its been about 10 years since I've dabbled in this medium so I'm a bit rusty!

#watercolor #art #orca #concept #schmincke #schminckehoradam #schminckewatercolor #painting
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So far so creative!
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Kieran O'Connor

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Drew a quick sketch of my Nephew. Not as detailed as my usual drawings but thats what I was going for. Backing off on detail is hard for me, I don't know when to stop!
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Wonderful! It will be a permanent record and memory of this wonderful age for his parents to treasure always.
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Kieran O'Connor

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Finished drawing.
Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) : Lord of Winterfell; Warden of the North; Hand of the King; Protector of the Realm

I am still in mourning :(

Graphite Pencil on Bristol Board.
#gameofthrones   #housestark   #nedstark   #bringmehishead  
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Kieran O'Connor

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Just a quick little seascape from this afternoon, nothing special but it's good to be active I guess :)
Loves Bay, Kiama
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Keep going +Kieran O'Connor​.. you are an inspiration.
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Kieran O'Connor

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Altogether magical and joyful. You are a brilliant watercolourist!
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Kieran O'Connor

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My watercolour journey continues...
#watercolor #art #paint @schmincke #schminckewatercolor #schminckehoradam #girl #painting #portrait
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It's a very beautiful and serene journey ☺.
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Kieran O'Connor

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The great Bill Murray
Graphite pencil
#art #pencil #drawing #billmurray #graphite #realism 
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One and only Peter Venkman 😊
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Kieran O'Connor

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Painting of my son Malachy
Using Intuous Pro
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so cute
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Kieran O'Connor

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Finished drawing.

Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage)
Acting Hand of the King (former) Master of coin (former) Lord of Casterly Rock (claimant)
"The Imp"
"The Halfman"
"Demon Monkey"
"God Of Tits And Wine"
Drawn using graphite pencils on Bristol Board (smooth)

#tyrion #theimp #gameofthrones #lannister #halfman #houselannister
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Incredible... I am running out of adjectives to describe your pencil masterpieces.
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Kieran O'Connor

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New drawing for a client who wanted a portrait of her Kitty :)
Hope she likes it :)
This was done on 11 x 14" Bristol Board using Mars Lumograph pencils
If you would like a commissioned portrait contact me at
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its nice n beautiful
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Australian Seascape Photographer, Traditional and Digital artist.
Hi, I am a Seascape photographer based on the south coast of NSW, Australia. Seascapes are my favourite photographic subject. I’ve always been blessed enough to live near the coast and the oceans ever changing wild beauty continues to draw me back time and time again.
All my images are available as prints or canvases please contact me at if interested

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Kiama, NSW, Australia
Wollongong - Mackay
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