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Kieran O'Connor

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Too damn cute for words.
Malachy O'Connor
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So true!
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Kieran O'Connor

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What to draw next!?
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verry nice
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Kieran O'Connor

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Drawing of Katy Perry complete! Ton of work here but pretty happy with the result. Yes it is a drawing, before anyone asks :) I used graphite pencils, no blending with tortillions or any other blending technique. Just pencils.
Feel free to share!
#katyperry #drawing #art #graphitedrawing 
If you're interested in a commission send me a message over at
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Kieran O'Connor

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Started a new drawing and I'm working on a new technique. Using the "H" pencils now as opposed to just all "B" It's much more time consuming but the end result will be worth it :)
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cool picture
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Kieran O'Connor

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New drawing of my daughter Roisin. This one is going in a frame and up on the wall. :)
If you're interested in a commissioned drawing visit
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your one call artist
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Kieran O'Connor

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Kiama, NSW, Australia
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 ❤~❤❤❤~❤ :)
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Kieran O'Connor

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Self Portrait. Possibly the only photo of myself smiling, in existence!
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Sorria sempre faz bem para o coração e para quem recebe o sorriso!
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Kieran O'Connor

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My son Malachy. Who was born with Sturge Weber Syndrome.
Every year in Australia "Bonds" which is a clothing company choose a baby to be the face of their company. I think it would be great to see Malachy up there and showing off his cheeky grin :) It would also be great for Sturge Weber Awareness. If you could take the time to throw him a vote I would be very much appreciated :)
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he so cute!
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Kieran O'Connor

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Completed drawing of a fox using Polychromos coloured pencils.

I also do commissions whether it be people, pets or wildlife!
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that...that is awsome
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Kieran O'Connor

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If you're interested in a commissioned drawing get in contact with me over at
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How to become a member of your Seascape photographer community? I love the sea and have many interesting photos to share. 
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Kieran O'Connor

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When I think about Steve Irwin, even now after almost 9 years since his death. It is still hard. He was only 44 when he died.

An amazing man, a fair dinkum aussie bloke who did so much for wildlife conservation. He inspired people to learn more about wildlife. He was charismatic and vibrant and whilst he copped his fair share of criticism he didn't care, he was always himself and lived his life to benefit the well being of all wildlife..

We miss you mate.

"I have no fear of losing my life - if I have to save a koala or a crocodile or a kangaroo or a snake, mate, I will save it." Steve Irwin.

I drew this using Mars Lumograph graphite pencils on Smooth Bristol Board.
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That guy was so awesome..... I really agreed with what he did.
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Kieran O'Connor

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This is a drawing of Daniel Morcombe.
In 2003 he was murdered by a psychopathic, sexual deviant. A sub-human who preyed on innocent children. I will not mention his name because he is not worthy to be named alongside Daniel.

On the 7th of December 2003 Daniel planned to catch the bus to the local shopping centre for a haircut and to buy Christmas presents for his family.
The bus Daniel was suppose to catch broke down a few km's before his stop.The replacement bus arrived but as Daniel tried to hail it down, it continued on without stopping.
At the same time, leaning against the wall behind Daniel was a monster. Who had been waiting and watching. Realising Daniel was stranded, he approached him and offered a lift to the shopping centre. He had no intention of taking him to the shopping centre.
Unfortunately Daniel accepted. He was never seen alive again.

It was an emotional experience drawing Daniels portrait. I did it with a heavy heart. Because I have a 13 year old son. The same age Daniel was when he was murdered. I thought about my son and how I would feel if I lost him at such a young age. I thought about the monster that robbed Daniel of his life and how he still gets to open his eyes every morning. The fact that Daniel will never spend another Christmas with his family, he didn't get to finish school, learn to drive a car, look for his first job, get married, have children.....

My heart goes out to his parents, who are a pillar of strength. How they get up in the morning, I don't know. 
I hope that I can give this portrait to them.
Please support the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. Its all about educating our kids and keeping them safe.
Never forget Daniel.
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how do you do it
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Seascape Photographer
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Wollongong - Mackay
Australian Seascape Photographer
Hi, I am a Seascape photographer based on the south coast of NSW, Australia. Seascapes are my favourite photographic subject. I’ve always been blessed enough to live near the coast and the oceans ever changing wild beauty continues to draw me back time and time again.
All my images are available as prints or canvases please contact me at if interested

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1 soul mate, 3 kids, Finalist Sony World Photography Awards, Magazine publications
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