My experimental artgame CONTROL is part of the the exhibition Materiality, opening at University Gallery, NUI Galway on Wednesday 20th of May, 2015 at 6:30pm, and running until the 10th of June.

Materiality is curated by Tom O'Dea and also features works from Nora Duggan, Trine Riel, Levi Hanes, Radek Przedpelski, Sara Wentworth, Stephanie Dossou, and Moran Been-Noon.

Full press release below:



University Gallery, Quadrangle, NUIG

Nora Duggan | Trine Riel | Levi Hanes | Radek Przedpelski | Sara Wentworth | Kieran Nolan | Stephanie Dossou | Moran Been-Noon 

Curated by Tom O’Dea.

Materiality is an exhibition that explores the impact of digital technology on the construction of political, social and economic life. Featuring the work of eight Irish and International artists and researchers, Materiality examines the structures that digital technology places between individuals and information, and examines how the requirements of digital binaries tend towards the reorganisation of everything they touch. The exhibition is a critical examination of how the digital underpinnings of the global communications network act as a substrate to condition our interaction at a social, political and economic level, having a transformative effect on our relationship to knowledge and meaning.

Materiality showcases the work of researchers from the Digital Arts and Humanities programme of National University of Ireland Galway, University College Cork and Trinity College Dublin alongside the work of artists whose work engages with the materiality of the digital in contemporary society. 

The exhibition will open on Wednesday 20th of May, 2015 at 6:30pm at the University Gallery, Quadrangle, NUIG.

The exhibition is kindly supported by the Royal Irish Academy, National University of Ireland Galway, University College Cork and Trinity College Dublin.
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