Well, DM Appreciation Month is nearly over. Before it ends, I propose one last self-indulgent tradition.

Lore Garbage:

As a DM you get to post one really self indulgent thing about your game world. Something that isn't immediately applicable or useful to your players, but something that you just think is fun or cool or creepy or silly.

The kind of thing that if you told it to your players, they'd say "Oh, that's cool...hey, where do we go to buy dog armour again?".

You can do this however you like, but I suggest trying one of these two options:

10 Random Facts (that make your setting totally unique).

Make a blog post listing ten random setting details about your game (no more than a short paragraph each) that differentiate it from every other setting. Stuff like "what are the dogs like?", "How does magic work?", "Which semi-important NPC is actually a poly morphed miniature pony?".

Who's this dude? (and what's his/her life story?)

Spend a blog post talking about a prominent NPC from your game. Give us all the weird and obscure details about them. Dip into spoilers if you want.

Give us an NPC's backstory that your players will probably never get around to asking or caring about, but for some reason you do. 

When you're done, tag 3 people you'd like to see do the same. Know a dungeon master that could use some time to just twaddle on? Want to hear more about someone's game world? Tag them when you post to Google+.
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