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Is someone already working on a Telegram Plugin? If not I would like to pick up the task. Is there any documentation on how to get startend?

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Hey guys, since no useful discussion emerges here +Leslie Brohm  and I launched a new community based on the awesome Discourse recently. ☆

Drop by and say hello if you like it!
We've got sweet plans for it but need some people to actually talk to :D

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Ever since upgrading PA from 4.2 to the latest 4.43 on my Galaxy Nexus it lags like hell. The battery lasts only like 2 hours, it takes like 10 hours to fully charge and the device becomes hot as hell.
What can I do about this?

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Ein kleines Dankeschön für 5.000 Soundcloud Follower <3

I just upgraded from PA 4.1 something to 4.2 Beta 5 on my GNex. Now the google keyboard crashes all the time (I can't use it at all). What can I do about this?

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Coming from the last 3.99 version. Do I have to do a full wipe in order to install the latest 4.4 beta 4 ?
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