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The Effect  

On Tuesday, May 26th, I was involved in an accident. Due to the heavy rains, I smashed into a pole damaging my new car.

The Cause

As the title suggests the cause is greater than the effect. With getting my car repaired I have to pay a $1,000 deductible. Unfortunately, I didn’t add rental car coverage to my insurance policy. So I’m unable to get back and forth to work at the moment. I currently work 2 jobs. My part time job may be lost due to missing most of the week. I’m on the fence with my primary job, so I would definitely need help with getting back on my feet financially from missing work, especially with only having 1 job now.

This is much more than raising money to pay for what I just explained. This is the perfect opportunity for GREAT TRANSFORMATION for me because I’m in dire need to change how I respond to life (overworking/under valuing myself). This is also very challenging for me because I’m very stubborn with asking for help, which in turn is one of the reasons why I feel I’m experiencing this situation.

 Listen to the Full Story

With the events leading up to the accident until now, there’s a lot of interesting things surrounding it that I’ve identified with, which makes for a great transformational story. On a side note, the radio show I did right before the accident is very prophetic in the sense that it parallels my own life and my desire to change – especially the last 20-30 minutes of the show where I speak about wanting to experiment with crowdfunding. The link to the show is below.

I will be baring it all, giving you the full story next Tuesday, June 2nd, live, from 7-9PM CST on Fishbowl Radio Network in the Blue Bowl. My radio show is called Practice SAFE CEx. If this is after the fact, it will be on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud (search for “Practice SAFE CEx”), entitled “Cool Crash Course”.


Again, the cause is greater than the effect. Although I need help paying my $1000 deductible to have my car repaired and financially getting back on my feet, I want to use this experience as a means to KNOW that asking for help – in any form – opens you up to the ease, abundance, and fulfillment that life has in store for you.  I also want to use this experience as a means to see what opportunities will come from this (resources that can propel me out of working 2 jobs). In order for your life to BE different, you have to DO different. And this is definitely a route that I’m not used to.

Remember, the cause is always greater than the effect. Understanding the cause opens the door to changing future effects. Your donations are greatly appreciated! If you’re unable to give monetarily, a resource in another form (job leads, volunteer work, etc.) is greatly appreciated as well. Thank you to everyone in advance. PEACE, LOVE, AND LIGHT.

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LOL! A typical day for me when I'm ready to get serious and begin researching/studying. I suddenly have the feeling of laying down right about now. DAMN YOU MEME! LOL!
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