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First ever google plus post. Hope this go the way of google Wave. thay would be awkward.
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I think you mean, hope this does NOT go the way of Google Wave. I think you might see wave re-appearing as an application withing G+ very soon.
I don't think it will.. So far G+ has a lot of potential. We'll have to see what happens when it goes mainstream though. Users are generally reluctabt to try new things or move from previous social networks. Hopefully we'll see more of your stuff here +Khaya Dlanga .I haven't found many very active South africans on Google+ so far. Or maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

+Hans-Erik Iken the great thing about G+ so far is that there is a vibrant and helpful community that aims to explain G+. The Googlers who developed G+ are especially helpful.
Khaya, I think you accidentally a word in your post.
For the first time using Google+ still learning. 
I feel so embarassed but yes im new too and im loving it.
Having read little about you here, I want to be your close friend!
Kindly revert back to me via my private email address so that I can send my pictures and tell you more about me. Here's my email address:
I will gladly tell you everything about as soon as I heard from you. Thanks and have nice day.
Regards, Destiny.
thanx for the invite hope we can get to know each other.

Hi are one of my favourite personalities..keep up the god work :)
sometimes u can enjoy media in society changing our life style an the way we believe,every thing is on progress now lol bcs of it
Lol ntshivelo datz true dear nd dat we are on media thngz are a beat eazy
In life we learn everyday.So ain't worry guys,u still gonna learn more because social media it's really expanding
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