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Barren O'beef-dip was here.
Barren O'beef-dip was here.

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I think the EPL needs to do something about teams making the jump from League 1 to Premiership... The gulf in class is huge, and it's hard to see these teams promoted, only to be stuffed and thrown back down into League 1 again. Swansea survived, but other teams... Not so much. I know they receive a bonus for making it, but I think it should be more, so the team can properly have a bit of financial strength amongst the EPL regulars...

I love how Arsenal is the 5th richest club in the World and Second richest in the EPL....think about that for a bit. The Mighty money of Chelsea and Manchester City occupy 6th and 7th respectively, with only Manchester United as first place in EPL, 3rd in the world Overall. We're not broke, we can pay whatever fee a player demands without a question, but our wealth came from good investments and making a dollar go farther. +Gunner - San

Arsene Wenger can frustrate a fan till their head rolls off and under a truck. That being said, for all the talk of him not buying players....he does buy players. Fans WANT player X but the team NEEDS player Y. We may not get what we want, but we can always count on getting what we need.

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Will be roaring for the German outfit this year. #GermanGunners #Podolski #Özil #Mertesacker

Fabregas is now a Chelsea chump. +Gunner - San

+Gunner - San and +Peter Sage can we all just take a minute today to acknowledge that out of three teams in London, Chelsea and Arsenal can both share laughs at The Sp*rs?

+Gunner - San We are Kings again! Hup Gunners!

Up the Arsenal! #LoveAFC #FACupfinal

Back in my day....I couldnt make a field until I was level 4 because my portals were JUST outta range from what a level 3 could make.

Why are hacks from Friendlies equivalent to enemy hacks? We're seeing single items and the like from both types of hacking...
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