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What is Android TV
Android TV is a version of Android 5.0 Lollipop made just for TVs. This OS will come built-in to some TVs in 2015, and also in the form of set-top boxes to magically transform your normal TV into a smart TV.
The set-top box arena is already pretty crowded, with options like the Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, all offering compelling products.
Some TVs by Hisense and TCL already ship with Roku TV built-in, just like what Google is trying to get manufacturers to do with Android TV.

#AndroidTV #GoogleTV #AppleTV #Roku #FiireTV
Long live the king, sneered Android TV as it threw Google TV off the cliff and into a herd of stampeding wildebeests. Well, not exactly, but Android TV is replacing the now-five-year-old Google TV. And it's not just an update -- it's a complete remake. Only a tiny fraction of Google TV devices will be…
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Beautiful Fall Colours of 2014
Toronto, Canada

#fallcolours  #Toronto 
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Khalil Ahmed

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OnePlus just revealed that its $300 Android smartphone is, more or less, ready to go mainstream next week, on October 27th.

Pre-orders for the newly announced general availability are set to go live that day at 11AM ET, which is great news to people who haven't had a chance to jump on the invite-only wave. ^The bad news, however, is that this is going to be limited to a one-hour window.*

Get Ready for Pre-orders. October 20 2014 | by: Bridget · OnePlus Preorders. If a coveted invite for the OnePlus One always seems to elude you, we think you will be thrilled by a different kind of invitation we are offering. We would like for you to be a part of the first monumental change to ...
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Khalil Ahmed

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The Greatest Name ALLAH
2 الرحمن The All-Compassionate Ar-Rahman
3 الرحيم The All-Merciful Ar-Rahim
4 الملك The Absolute Ruler Al-Malik
5 القدوس The Pure One Al-Quddus
6 السلام The Source of Peace As-Salam
7 المؤمن The Inspirer of Faith Al-Mu'min
8 المهيمن The Guardian Al-Muhaymin
9 العزيز The Victorious Al-Aziz
10 الجبار The Compeller Al-Jabbar
11 المتكبر The Greatest Al-Mutakabbir
12 الخالق The Creator Al-Khaliq
13 البارئ The Maker of Order Al-Bari'
14 المصور The Shaper of Beauty Al-Musawwir
15 الغفار The Forgiving Al-Ghaffar
16 القهار The Subduer Al-Qahhar
17 الوهاب The Giver of All Al-Wahhab
18 الرزاق The Sustainer Ar-Razzaq
19 الفتاح The Opener Al-Fattah
20 العليم The Knower of All Al-`Alim
21 القابض The Constrictor Al-Qabid
22 الباسط The Reliever Al-Basit
23 الخافض The Abaser Al-Khafid
24 الرافع The Exalter Ar-Rafi
25 المعز The Bestower of Honors Al-Mu'izz
26 المذل The Humiliator Al-Mudhill
27 السميع The Hearer of All As-Sami
28 البصير The Seer of All Al-Basir
29 الحكم The Judge Al-Hakam
30 العدل The Just Al-`Adl
31 اللطيف The Subtle One Al-Latif
32 الخبير The All-Aware Al-Khabir
33 الحليم The Forbearing Al-Halim
34 العظيم The Magnificent Al-Azim
35 الغفور The Forgiver and Hider of Faults Al-Ghafur
36 الشكور The Rewarder of Thankfulness Ash-Shakur
37 العلي The Highest Al-Ali
38 الكبير The Greatest Al-Kabir
39 الحفيظ The Preserver Al-Hafiz
40 المقيت The Nourisher Al-Muqit
41 الحسيب The Accounter Al-Hasib
42 الجليل The Mighty Al-Jalil
43 الكريم The Generous Al-Karim
44 الرقيب The Watchful One Ar-Raqib
45 المجيب The Responder to Prayer Al-Mujib
46 الواسع The All-Comprehending Al-Wasi
47 الحكيم The Perfectly Wise Al-Hakim
48 الودود The Loving One Al-Wadud
49 المجيد The Majestic One Al-Majid
50 الباعث The Resurrector Al-Ba'ith
51 الشهيد The Witness Ash-Shahid
52 الحق The Truth Al-Haqq
53 الوكيل The Trustee Al-Wakil
54 القوى The Possessor of All Strength Al-Qawiyy
55 المتين The Forceful One Al-Matin
56 الولي The Governor Al-Waliyy
57 الحميد The Praised One Al-Hamid
58 المحصى The Appraiser Al-Muhsi
59 المبدئ The Originator Al-Mubdi'
60 المعيد The Restorer Al-Mu'id
61 المحيي The Giver of Life Al-Muhyi
62 المميت The Taker of Life Al-Mumit
63 الحي The Ever Living One Al-Hayy
64 القيوم The Self-Existing One Al-Qayyum
65 الواجد The Finder Al-Wajid
66 الماجد The Glorious Al-Majid
67 الواحد The One, the All Inclusive, The Indivisible Al-Wahid
68 الصمد The Satisfier of All Needs As-Samad
69 القادر The All Powerful Al-Qadir
70 المقتدر The Creator of All Power Al-Muqtadir
71 المقدم The Expediter Al-Muqaddim
72 المؤخر The Delayer Al-Mu'akhkhir
73 الأول The First Al-Awwal
74 الآخر The Last Al-Akhir
75 الظاهر The Manifest One Az-Zahir
76 الباطن The Hidden One Al-Batin
77 الوالي The Protecting Friend Al-Wali
78 المتعال The Supreme One Al-Muta'ali
79 البر The Doer of Good Al-Barr
80 التواب The Guide to Repentance At-Tawwab
81 المنتقم The Avenger Al-Muntaqim
82 العفو The Forgiver Al-'Afuww
83 الرؤوف The Clement Ar-Ra'uf
84 مالك الملك The Owner of All Malik-al-Mulk
85 ذو الجلال و الإكرام The Lord of Majesty and Bounty Dhu-al-Jalal wa-al-Ikram
86 المقسط The Equitable One Al-Muqsit
87 الجامع The Gatherer Al-Jami'
88 الغني The Rich One Al-Ghani
89 المغني The Enricher Al-Mughni
90 المانع The Preventer of Harm Al-Mani'
91 الضار The Creator of The Harmful Ad-Darr
92 النافع The Creator of Good An-Nafi'
93 النور The Light An-Nur
94 الهادي The Guide Al-Hadi
95 البديع The Originator Al-Badi
96 الباقي The Everlasting One Al-Baqi
97 الوارث The Inheritor of All Al-Warith
98 الرشيد The Righteous Teacher Ar-Rashid
99 الصبور The Patient One
+Hoor ul jannah 
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Khalil Ahmed

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Thanks Google.
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Khalil Ahmed

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Y'all may already know this...but in case you don't. #gmail #hacks
One trick you may or may not have picked up about Gmail is that you can add in periods anywhere in the front part of your address and it makes no difference whatsoever: works just the same as What's more, you can add a plus sign and any word before the @ sign (e.g. and messages will still reach you. If these tweaks make no difference, then why use them? One major reason: filters...
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Intel Compute Stick Turns Any TV Into A Windows PC For Just $149

The Compute Stick is essentially a complete PC, but in the compact form factor of a slightly large pen drive. It connects to a TV via HDMI, but also has to be powered with a microUSB cord. Here’s a quick look at the important specs:

1.33GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3735F processor
32GB internal storage
MicroSD slot (up to 128GB)
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
Full-size USB port
HDMI 1.4
Windows 8.1 Bing

#Intel #computer #stick
Intel wants to help you turn any TV into a Windows PC, for the low cost of $149. All it takes is a little stick, much like the much-loved Google Chromecast. Meet the all-new Intel Compute Stick. The Compute Stick is essentially a complete PC, but in the compact form factor of a slightly large…
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ادعوكم احبتي للقراءة والاطلاع وتحكيم العقل على الشخصية العظمى ورجل الانسانية الاول ونور الحياة محمد صلى الله عليه واله وسلم لا تصدقوا ما يقال عنه فبين الحق والباطل اربع بنان فالحق ان تقول رايت والباطل ان تقول سمعت اقروا عن الاسلام الصحيح اقروارسيرة رسول الله وبعدها تكلموا بانصاف وصدق
شكرا لكم احبتي
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Wishing you
Beautiful moments,
Treasured memories.
And all the blessings
A heart can know!

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Happy new year to u too
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Khalil Ahmed

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+Google+ now has more than 2 BILLION accounts !! In a little over 3 years, 1207 days to be precise, the number of personal profiles and pages has increased at a meteoric growth rate of approximately 1,658,625 new users/pages per day!

I've been calculating the growth rate of G+ for some time now at a website that I myself host and if you would like to plug this data into another application, you can access the raw data (as JSON feeds) from and

To just say +Google+ is just about numbers would definitely be doing it a disservice. In the 3+ years I've been here, I've made tons of friends, shared countless stories, and photographs with a wide and varied group of people... and to that I say, "Here's to the next 2 Billion users!"

+François Beaufort +Denis Labelle 
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Khalil Ahmed

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What happens to your body the hour after drinking a Coke...
10 MINUTES 10 teaspoons of SUGAR hit your system. This is 100 percent of your recommended daily intake, and the only reason you don’t VOMIT as a result of the overwhelming sweetness is because phos...
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Ford has joined companies like Tesla and Chevrolet to finally build electric vehicles. Toyota started the craze with its gas-electric hybrid Prius, while Tesla's Elon Musk ditched hydrocarbons altogether with the all-electric Model S.
Plug-in hybrids, meanwhile, are a shotgun marriage between the two -- but Toyota's plug-in Prius hybrid is drastically differently than Chevy's Volt.
So why all the different technology? Let's go for a tour of the latest in electric and hybrid car tech.
#hybridcars   #electriccars   #hybrid   #electric   #cars   #Tesla   #Ford   #Toyota   #Chevy   #Prius  
Nearly a hundred years ago, a deal between Henry Ford and Thomas Edison to make electric cars fell apart because 1914 battery technology wasn't up to the
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Facebook Is America’s ‘Most Hated’ Social Media Company
Facebook happens to rank the lowest among all of the seven social media companies listed in the study.

#facebook   #mosthated   #social  
Everyone likes to be loved by the masses, as we mortals do want to be accepted by our peers as well as strangers, even. The approval of men can be an...
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z/OS, OS/390, MVS/ESA, z/VM, JES2, DFSMS, VTAM, TCP/IP, Windows, Linux, Mainframes
  • Royal Saudi Naval Forces
    Systems Engineer / Programmer
  • Royal Saudi Naval Forces
    Computer Operations Manager
  • University of Southern California
    Computer Communication Engineer
  • NCR Corporation
    Field Engineer
  • National Fibres
    Electronics Engineer
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Pakistan - United States - Saudi Arabia - Oman - Kuwait
Systems Engineer, Software Developer, Photographer
I am a techie but do enjoy humor, photography, homeopathy, blogging, and a bit of music and poetry.

"Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people." [Eleanor Roosevelt]
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Co-developed Sadaf Urdu Nastaleeq
  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles
    MS (Computer Engineering)
  • NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi
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What Is Android TV, and Why Was Google TV Killed?

Long live the king, sneered Android TV as it threw Google TV off the cliff and into a herd of stampeding wildebeests. Well, not exactly, but

Google Now Allows Brand Pages to Become Google+ Local Pages - Local Univ...

Google Now Allows Brand Pages to Become Google+ Local Pages. Posted on June 3, 2014; by Mike Blumenthal; in Local Search. google-plus-240px

Conv. de texto em voz Google

O mecanismo de conversão de texto em voz do Google permite que os aplicativos "leiam em voz alta" o texto na tela. Por exemplo, pode ser usa

Google Play Newsstand

Với Google Play Newsstand, hãy khám phá thêm các tin tức mà bạn quan tâm, tất cả trong một ứng dụng trên điện thoại hoặc máy tính bảng Andro

Google Play Music

Google Play Music makes it easy to discover, play and share the music you love on Android and the web. With our new All Access service, you

Asia Ain’t Cheap, But It’s Not the Priciest Place for Expats, Says Surve...

Singapore was ranked the world’s most expensive place for expatriates to live in a March survey, but in a new study released on Tuesday, the

GSMArena smartphone shopping guide: June 2014

We intentionally delayed this edition of our phone shopping guide, waiting for all flagships to come out. With the last one out and reviewed

What you need to know about hologram people

Perhaps you watched the Billboard Music Awards and were aghast (or impressed) by Michael Jackson's performance from beyond the grave. Or may

Google Goes Its Own Way in Building Self-Driving Cars

There's no steering wheel or pedals, but Google's prototype can "take you where you want to go at the push of a button."

Word Lens Translator

Vea el mundo en su idioma: traduzca al instante palabras impresas usando su cámara integrada en tiempo real.Pares de idiomas disponibles: +

Flipboard: Your News Magazine

Flipboard is your personal magazine. It is the most popular way to catch up on the news, read stories from around the world and browse the a


Los Hangouts dan vida a las conversaciones privadas y en grupo con fotos, emojis y videollamadas gratis. Conéctate con amigos a través de co

Linterna - Tiny Flashlight ®

¡Una linterna para tu dispositivo! Una aplicación de linterna increíblemente simple y, a su vez, muy útil. Podrás utilizar el flash de la cá

Unit Converter

A simple and friendly unit converter with a clean user interface. It includes a favorites list for easy access to commonly used conversions


YouTube a tu manera. Obtén la aplicación YouTube oficial para Android. Conviértete en DJ de inmediato, aprende Kung Fu y comparte tu experie

Wikipedia móvel

App oficial da Wikipédia para Android. A Wikipédia é a enciclopédia livre que contém mais de 20 milhões de artigos em 280 línguas e é a mais

Wifi Analyzer

Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!! Shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wire

I would not recommend any restaurant that is based on FRAUD and CHEATING... Very big banners all around restaurant that says "2 for 1 Shawarma $4.95" You go inside and order, and you find out that "$8.95" was written in "Fine Print" after "2 for 1 Shawarma" and "One" was written in "Fine Print" before "$4.95". And when you make argument that it is cheating, the sales person starts laughing.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
The food is good, halal and the serving quantity is reasonable. Also, a good variety is available in food so you may revisit, if you like.
Food: GoodDecor: GoodService: Good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Very good place for evening walk and taking photographs. However, there is no access to beach.
Appeal: Very GoodFacilities: GoodService: Good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Very bad service and noisy environment. Going to Pizza Hut feels like a punishment.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
8 reviews
Good BBQ dishes but not spicy. You may get a dinner plate with rice and salad. Usually served with naan - It is good but do not match with kababs, and the paratha is not available. Self service restaurant with limited type of food. I am not impressed but overall it is a good choice for Toronto residents.
Food: GoodDecor: GoodService: Poor - Fair
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Very good store. A large collection of items but limited variety. A little less prices compare to other hyper markets.
Quality: Very GoodAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Very bad service, noisy environment and cold pizza. In fact many pizza huts that I tried in Riyadh have very bed service.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago