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Khalifa Visi Islami
A nice curious person with a glasses, loves to research and being a scientist-alike
A nice curious person with a glasses, loves to research and being a scientist-alike

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All the reasons I don't take Facebook video seriously, summed up in 1 video.

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Engadget: Disney Research AR app turns colored drawings into 3D characters.

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Vector drawable is a must try
Android Studio 1.4 is ready to download in the stable channel. It includes new & updated tools for app design.

Read more about it on our blog:

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Less pain using custom fonts in Android
Android pro tip: One-line custom fonts in XML with data binding!

I started playing with data binding last night for real, and I'm amazed by the power it gives you.  Check out this one-liner to set a custom font on a TextView:

public static void setFont(TextView textView, String fontName){
 textView.setTypeface(Typeface.createFromAsset(textView.getContext().getAssets(), "fonts/" + fontName));


Previously, this used to take endless lines of repetitive Java code (one for each TextView!). The missing custom typeface support in TextView has been a grievance held against the Android platform for years.  There's even an inventive library to address it[2]. Data binding makes all of that obselete.  If you can't tell, I'm in love!!  It's terse, powerful, and one of the biggest leaps forward I've seen for Android productivity.

As usual, you need to put your font file in assets/fonts/, and make sure to include the data binding framework.  And if you're doing this to many TextViews, just get a little more fancy and cache the Typeface instead of creating it every time (thanks for the reminder +Ian Lake!)

[2] Calligraphy:

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reasons to stop using ENUM in your Android Code
100 days of Google Dev, Episode 86/100

So what’s the deal with using ENUMs on Android? Some people say it’s bad, other people say it’s not a problem. What gives, and what are the reasons?

To clear up some confusion, Colt McAnlis takes a look at the effect that enums have on your Android code size, memory footprint, and runtime performance.


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The Indian Express: Don’t add mobile number on your Facebook profile.

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A mind-opening blogpost for not-so-fast worker like me

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Android M ~ New way to handle permission
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