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Khalid al Dakheel
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Khalid al Dakheel

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Thanks to technology, our brains are being rewired -- for better or worse.
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Khalid al Dakheel

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Amazing shot of #Mecca
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Insane there are so many people.
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Khalid al Dakheel

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The Followers of the Personal Instagram profile reached 1.5K !

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The biggest mistake you could ever make is being afraid to make one.

#quote #inspiration #success
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Art is what you can travel away with in your own place.

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Insects Sleep Zzzz

#winter #drawing #cartoon
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Award-Winning Comic Artist, Animator, Director, Actor.

Khalid Sulaiman al Dakheel is an Arabian Award-Winning Cartoonist, Comic Artist, Animator, Director, Actor, Writer, known as the pioneer of the Animation industry in the region, and the first Animation Filmmaker to receive awards & honors for Animated Cartoons. His first Website was launched in 2001. (Check out the Website-History since 2001 W/ Photos). Khalid has established a private company in 2009, and he's now working on the official launch, as well as the first official productions.

Khalid began drawing and creating characters when he was four years old, at eight, he started creating Comics. When he became eighteen years old he published his first Comic called Hassan al-Fannan in  al-Jeel al-Jadeed  comic magazine. Khalid has characteristic style, that he’s been practicing since his childhood. Although, he’s been influenced by different styles, such as Anime, Disney and some American Comics & Animations. In the late 80′s, Khalid started animating with a flip-book technique, then he developed his way of animating by using a video camera and some simple wooden tools he made. He produced his first 15 minute Cartoon about the well know character  Pac Man  in a Traditional Animation style. And later, while watching  Woody Woodpecker  cartoon, he figured out the Cel Animation technique, which he used to make his other films later on.

Khalid also worked in Stop-Motion  for a while, using clay, a video camera, and some toys, but he didn’t continue in this medium. He’s also passionate about Acting and Directing, he went to Live-action for years – acting & directing many personal productions. He worked with his older brother & work-partner Ahmed, beside his younger brother Abdullah. Khalid acted many characters over the years, as well as doing mouth sound effects. He started with Ahmed from voice recordings on cassettes when they were kids, to to Live-Action videos, then Animation, today.

In 1998, Khalid joined  The Saudi Association Of Culture and Arts , where he stayed for a few months only, and describes the situation there as “a mess”. Later – in 2006, the well known Arabic TV News Channel Al-Arabiya interviewed Khalid, and he spoke honestly about his experience at the Saudi Association and other areas, describing the horrible situations happening in the country when it comes to Art.

Khalid started using  Adobe Flash  (Macromedia Flash back then) in 2000, which he produced couple of short Animated films with. The first one was called Kick Kivi, which he created with Flash using just a mouse. This film and the ones followed; were full of emotions and extreme feelings, especially Cats Benefits - 2003, which many people didn’t cheer for locally. Although, Khalid participated with the film in different festivals, including Emirates Film Competition in 2007, and what was called  Jeddah Film Festival  in 2007, and others.

In 2004, Khalid worked on a couple of TV programs, as an Illustrator, Video Editor, Story-board Artist & Director. He also directed TV Commercials with a traditional style for some companies. But as he’s always been passionate about Comics & Animation; and determined to achieve his dreams, it prevented him from working in different art-mediums, or even having a job somewhere. In 2005, he continued with creating Animation and produced a short Animated Film called Sida. Khalid participated with Sida in many film festivals, in the Middle East and online. Including AniboomNewgrounds where he got  Daily 3rd Place award. Then the big turn was in 2006 when he received  Special Mention Award for Sida’s Production Quality  award at  Emirates Film Competition  in Abu Dhabi, UAE. In 2008, when all the doors closed – specifically from the official Saudi authorities – in the media and the concerned organisations of supporting the talents, Khalid decided to travel abroad. However, during that period, he received an offer from the incubator Badir Inc. a subsidiary to King Abdul Aziz City for Science & Technology, and the goal is establishing a private incorporation, which is what Khalid is currently working on, beside the first official productions.

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Riyadh, KSA - Toronto, Canada
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Cartoonist, Comic Artist, Animator, Director, Actor.
Drawing, Cartooning, Comic Design, Story-Boarding, Traditional Animating & Directing, Acting, Writing.
  • Khalid al Dakheel Cartoon Production Inc.
    Founder/CEO, 2009 - present
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