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Over the years, it's been a pleasure to be a destination for engagements, weddings, and honeymoons. Anniversaries, mile marker birthdays, family charters, overnight at sea - did you know you can also design your own charter too? Since 1995 we are pleased to say we are the leader in our charter types. We have flexible scheduling so you are in charge of where you go what you want to see, our crew encourages you to be involved in what to expect. Do you want to see dolphins, dive the reef and see the reef even ask us for a kayak to be with you on a long term excursion from off the docks. 201 WILLIAM STREET, E DOCKS 10-11-12, KEY WEST, FL 33040 HISTORIC SEAPORT ALL THREE BOATS SIDE BY SIDE. Bring a family, another couple of just you and celebrate in Key West Style!

We are enjoying fun charters for half or full days! Join us for 24 hour excursions which our business started doing first where you go out to sea for as many nights/days as you want. Provisions provided. In the same locations since 1995, often imitated and seldom duplicated. Call for your fall vacation 305-304-4911 Captain Albert ARGH me mateys!

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