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#172 is a Hammond A-105 organ for sale with a Leslie 147! Listen to the bold, crisp, clear sound of this amazing instrument! Every now and then an exceptionally good sounding instrument will come along that simply sounds amazing! There are reasons for this, and one of them is the fact that this 1969 vintage A-105 has the red caps on the tone generator. There were other subtle changes made to the electronics of the internals of the Hammond organs in this year of production. A combination of factors makes this an amazing instrument! Let your ears be the judge and be sure to listen with a good set of head phones to let you hear the superior bass and low end. The model A-105 is the most deluxe of all the A-100 series having both the locking top and the factory finished back. Factory installed foam in the keyboards has been removed and this beauty is now CERTIFIED FOAM FREE. Do not purchase a Hammond that is not certified foam free! (the foam can decompose and ruin the fine internal wiring in the keyboards. If the foam can be removed before it does its damage, then the instrument will be saved long term from this potential issue).

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Hammond A-100 with finished back! and with Leslie speaker (#199)

#199 is a Hammond A-100 Organ for sale. This is the most contemporary version of the Hammond A-100 series in traditional walnut finish. The A-100 series of organs includes the A-100 ( as shown) available in walnut and mahogany, A-102 ( like our # 176) which has the French Provincial style legs in a cherry wood finish aka fruit wood finish, A-101 with legs which is similar to the A-122 but in a different wood finish, A-143 (Early American finish) A-105 with locking top and wood finished back. All these A-100 models are the same internally and the different numbers tell us the furniture style only. As you can hear from this video this specific instrument has a great sound and is ready to deliver.

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Custom Satin Ebony Finished Hammond B3 Organ (#131)

#131 is a Hammond B3 organ for sale with a custom refinished in satin ebony finish similar to a vintage Steinway piano ebony finish. VERY classy! You will have your choice of one or two matching Leslie speakers depending on your preference and requirements. There can be ALL the bass you want, when you utilize the already installed OBL-2 output system. The Leslie speaker will continue to produce excellent bass and low end but now you will be able to ADD even more bass AND as much as you want. You can connect to a bass guitar amp, and while supplies last we will include a FREE bass amp, and you can also connect to the sub-woofers in your PA system for a truly WORLD CLASS bottom/bass/low end! The question of "Can you give me more bass?" has finally been properly addressed. Shake the walls with bass if you wish to or just let your listeners feel the music more than ever. (Sub-woofers will provide the best result. The FREE bass amp will help) Specially priced to move with ZERO down for churches and low monthly payments. Trade in your old Hammond and Leslie and upgrade to something special!

A bishop was invited to a church, by the pastor, to ask what improvements he might suggest to improve the worship experience. The Bishop suggested to the Pastor that they add a Hammond organ with Leslie speaker to take the worship to the next level! Some of the potential customers we meet say that "church", would not BE "church", without the Hammond! We have heard comments like this so many times over the years, that we believe them to be true.

To any preachers who may be reading this, or any church members who are willing to pass this on to your pastor, ask him......."What is backing you up?" The right Hammond organ with Leslie, played by a musician who understands how to use it, can back up, musically punctuate, and add emphasis to the word of God as it is presented by your pastor. Most of you have heard this before and believe it yourselves. Are you interested in going to the next level in your worship?

Keyboard Exchange International can make it EASY to have a Hammond with Leslie in your church with several financing options available, even ZERO down to well established churches. Choose from ZERO down OR ZERO interest, where every penny paid will apply directly to the cost of the equipment. Layaway and other plans available AND we accept most major credit cards. EZPZ ! Call or email today or (407)-323-7493

If you already have an old Hammond in your church, but it sounds tired and costs too much to maintain, it is time to replace it. The good news is that even if it is old and tired, it may have excellent trade in value! Send us some pictures so we can determine its trade in value asap!

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Vintage 1955 Hammond B3 #58857 (#202)
The first year of factory production for the B3 model! This instrument, due to the year of manufacture, not only sounds great but also has some historical and collector significance. Matching Leslie 122 has NEW 122 power amp with Tungsol 6550 power tubes for the best possible tonal qualities. Refinished in satin ebony similar to original Steinway grand pianos.

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1969 Hammond B3 Serial: A-23902 with Leslie 122 H-53822 with new 122 power amp! (#212) Used in recording studio these last two years! This is an organ with exceptional highs and ALL the bass you want from the OBL-2 output already installed, which allows you to connect to a bass amp or even better...sub-woofers for WORLD CLASS bass tones! 3 speed Leslie switch for fast, slow and off with a 122 tube Leslie! Additional 11 pin out if you want a second Leslie with a slightly different tone.

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Are you the person needing to make a major decision on acquiring or replacing the organ in your church? If so, this article will have helpful information to help you avoid mistakes and obtain the best possible outcome for your church. It is all about wise stewardship.

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How to Play Hammond B3 Bass Pedals - Part 1 

To better hear the low bass tones on this, and any of our videos, use a good set of head phones or a speaker system that will allow for proper audio quality. Since we are showcasing bass pedals which are low frequency tones, this tip will be important for full enjoyment and understanding. Thanks for listening folks! Let us know if you have any suggestions that we can use to help you understand playing the Hammond organ even more!

This video and other helpful videos can also be found on our How do Hammonds work page on our website also!

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How to Play Hammond B3 Bass Pedals - Part 2

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HUGE, NEW, FRIENDS AND FAMILY Promotional SALE for limited time only!  First time this program has been offered to the public!  Potential to save thousands!

 We have traditionally offered a 20% discount to Friends, Family, and Employees.   For a limited time, we offer this same consideration to churches and the general public!  You may ask why?

 The day to day sales responsibilities are being transferred to the third generation of our family, so to celebrate this event, and to allow Rodney Huss the best possible opportunity to break all old sales records, we are making it easier then ever to acquire a great sounding vintage Hammond with Leslie at a discounted price and easy financing.  Choose from our most popular financing plans which include:  ZERO down with approved credit for churches and music businesses like back line companies,  ZERO interest payments with 50% down payment, Layaway now to lock in your 20% discount!   If you have been waiting for the best time to buy a Hammond for yourself or your church, the time is NOW!  Your wait is over!  Tell all your friends!
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