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Well that icon above is new... 
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Can I use my Q again now... Let's see!
Update... NOPE
Might be chromecast or chromekey or H2g2 devices are real for tomorrow unveiling. 
Yep, connected to my Jambox right now
Nevermind my N7 was connected not the 4... yeah it appears now.
Does it work with Google TV like how YouTube does?
Yeah I can't get it working either. I was so excited too
If this feature isn't for Google TV then I suspect its for this chromecast thing.
I still don't see the icon on my device after updating. :(
+Keyan X What exactly is your phone connected to that makes you see that icon? I can't get it to pop up.
I thought the standard Bluetooth toggle switch for apps like the old music and YouTube was different. This icon, like YouTube is supposed to indicate streaming to a media device.... Not speakers.
Looks kinda like the icon I get on YouTube when I'm connected to bluetooth speakers. Never touched it. Never seen it in play music though so maybe not. 
The article states that it works just like the YouTube implementation. That can't be true since it doesn't work with gtv.
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