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Keyan X (Khaoszr)

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Music is the soul of the man...
Music makes a happy day...
Music makes a cloud flow by...
Your music is my tears inside my eyes...
Your music makes me want to sing...
Music is a joy to bring...
Music is my heart and soul, more precious than gold...
Happiness for days, justice all the way...
I love your music...

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+Platinum Style Media you gonna have to stop doubting my music knowledge :p
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Keyan X (Khaoszr)

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If I ever have my own domain (again), I need to make sure I have the email address:

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Keyan X (Khaoszr)

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Anyone who knows me....

Can I just say unf.
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Keyan X (Khaoszr)

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MacOS Sierra is live for anyone not on it:
Siri makes its debut on Mac, with new features designed just for the desktop. Your Mac works with iCloud and your Apple devices in smart new ways, and intelligent capabilities make your photos, music, and messaging even more enjoyable.

 Get things done by asking Siri, the intelligent assistant now on your Mac. • Enjoy your favorite features from iOS as well as new ones optimized for Mac. • Send messages, create reminders, search the web, and mor...
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Keyan X (Khaoszr)

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So this is what's been happening in the background of iTechTriad, meet YourTechExplained! New name, tweaked mission.

Thanks to +Ben Schoon and Andrew Romero for giving me a tech home! Check out the new place:
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Keyan X (Khaoszr)

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You may have been wondering why we've been a bit quiet recently. Well, you're about to find out...
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Its about coding i geuss ?
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Keyan X (Khaoszr)

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Which picture should I use as my featured review photo?


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The first. Better view MHO
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Keyan X (Khaoszr)

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Anyone here good with hackintosh, and has a few moments to help me troubleshoot? 
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+Scott Carpenter looks like new USB and install got her back up and running, now to set everything back up again, and then try my luck with Sierra again
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Keyan X (Khaoszr)

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I love this so much. As they said the OWSLA camp is much more than a record label, they're a family. And they love music. ❤🎼

How many videos did you recognize in here?
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Keyan X (Khaoszr)

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The +bose QC35 are an amazing set of cans, if not only for their noise cancellation feature.

Seeing how a ton of people are getting their new iPhones why not pair it with these awesome headphones. Check out my review at +YourTechExplained
Noise-cancelling headphones are great, but not every pair hits all the right notes. Bose however has a winner on its hands with the new QC35.
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Keyan X (Khaoszr)

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I'm looking to sell most of these (all if possible, preferably in bulk). If you're interested in starting your collection or just adding some to what you already have, then contact me.

18 POPs in total, some exclusive. All taken pristine care of and will ship in 2-3days.

Please Reshare to al interested people

Scarecrow #74
Harley Quinn #97
Deadshot #106
Hello Kitty #01
Mokey D Luffy #99
Tony Tony Chopper #98
Rubber Man #169
Mr. March #323
Blushin BMO #321
BMO Noire #283
Jake #33
Queen of Hearts #179
Cheshire Cat #178
Mad Hatter #177
Iracebeth #185
McTwisp #182
Ultron #72
Melisandre #42

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Keyan X (Khaoszr)

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Always doing reviews....

Here's the Blu R1 HD, one of the best budget phones I've ever tried. Anything you want to know let me know down below, and who knows what I'll be doing with this phone after my review, I don't NEED to keep this phone...

Stay tuned to +iTechTriad to see when these reviews are released first
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How's screen quality?
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This zaxbys is slowly deteriorating into nothing. Slow service, forgetfulness, childish staff. I started calling in my orders to circumvent the nonsense and nope even my call ins are returning bad service. It'll be a long while before I return to this location.
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