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I saw +Javier Fadul post a picture of an awesome Ferrari. Was riding to school when I noticed he took the picture a mile from my house. 
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Whaaat?!! I didn't know you lived around the heights. Stop by at Culture Pilot sometime, anytime! 
Rob M.
Don't see too many of those ones around anymore. I saw someone winter driving a Ferrari FF the other day...not a wise choice on heavily salted/graveled winter roads.
Is that where you work?! Crazy!
You sure that's a Ferrari? It looks like one of those MR2 conversions. Hard to tell for sure from this angle though.. 
The 348 was a Ferrari but calling it "awesome" is kind of a stretch.  It was the last Ferrari designed before the Acura/Honda NSX demonstrated that 30,000 miles might not be the actual limit an exotic's engine could last before a major rebuild.

The 348's replacement, the 355 is a much, much improved car over the 308/328/348.
Rob M.
+Anthony Plummer It was indicated that one was 1/13 for the year however, some kind of limited edition version (?)  

I'll take a 358, please/thanks.
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