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So I'll assume that he has to have tethering of some sort in his car to use the maps or is preloading them before trips. 
Bluetooth tethering is a thing (or wifi) yeah.
Also, I don't know if I'm a fan of touchscreens in cars because of the surface and I'd be afraid of being too distracted trying to push an icon while driving.
+Jeffrey Moore If the interface is done well, it's better than trying to find a button on a regular stereo. My truck currently has Dodge's HD jukebox/touchscreen system, and it is very easy to use (and it also implements pretty good voice recognition, which is nice).  I looked at putting a touchscreen linux install into a car I had a few years ago before tablets hit the scene, but was stopped by lack of willingness to chop up my dash to install it.

The only problem I see with the N7 head unit is the capacitive touch screen.  The Dodge system has a resistive touchscreen, and I can use it just fine with gloves on (which is a plus in Canada).  I really like it - it's the next best thing to a nice open factory installed Android system where I can install what I want (I can dream, can't I?)

I haven't played with the Ford mySync (or whatever they're called) systems, but they look interesting, too...
Rob M.
There have been a few tablet builds on NASIOC (Ipads), but this is the first Android I've seen.  Someone on my local Subaru forum did an in dash Android build.  I'll see if I can dig up details.
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