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Proper etiquette for a couple sitting at a booth? On the same side or on opposite sides?

I always sit on opposite sides. 
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Unless you're in high school, opposite sides.
Yea I sit on the opposite side as well.
I sit on the cushiony side if one is cushion and the other chairs. but always opposite. I'm far to broad to unnecessarily sit beside someone eating.

BOOM, albow in the face.
- Married people site on opposite sides.
- Long time daters site at 90 degrees from each other.
- Newly dating couples site right next too each other.
Opposite, makes for better conversational view.
Across has always made more sense to me. I have big shoulders and I would rather see the other persons face not their ear, lol
depends what she's wearing and how big they are =D
I sit with my back to the wall or kitchen. She can sit where she wants (which is usually opposite unless it's loud and at a square table, in which case it's 90° so we can talk)
Do not submit to what society says or suggests that you should do. Do what you want with whom you want. :)
Gf insists on same side.. Always feel opposite more natural.
opposite always; conversation flow is better, elbows to the face is non-existent, u/they never have to get up to let u/them out, and the drink placement debacle is non-existent too..
I'm an opposite sides kind of gal. I don't need to feel body heat to remind me I'm in a relationship.
Used to be side-by-side (new love, joined at the hip). Now across so we can talk face-to-face.
I like opposite sides. I think it's better for eye contact and conversation. Plus, I like checking my man out, lol, there's a reason I'm dating him than just his mind ;-)
The mrs and I try to sit side by side, but when we have the kid with us we sit opposite
Eff etiquette, sitting on the same side is just weird no matter how long you've known a person.
Can lend you Kamasutra, best book about etiquette I ever read.
Opposite makes more sense its easier to converse and make eye contact.
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