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Because I'm still blown away by my CyanogenMod TV, I'll go ahead and share this.

This is my Reddit experience:

Because of fragments, I can view the list of reddit threads on the left, and when I click one (depending on where I click) I can either have it overlay, or as shown in this picture, appear side by side. Then, if I swipe in from the right, I can see comments too. Believe it or not, this reddit experience is actually better (or at least as good) as browsing Reddit using the RES extension. 

If you're on the fence about getting an Odroid, buy one. 
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+Brock Hatfield It fills a niche I never knew I had. I love sitting on the couch and browsing the internet/goofing off on my TV.
Does it have multiuser mode and is it actually useful.
Reddit News is the best reddit app for Android. Love landscape on my Galaxy Tab 10.1. 
+Benji Hertel I don't have multiuser mode enabled and I'm not sure if it is enabled in my build, but that's a simple flag to allow. 

As for being useful, yes. XBMC alone makes it worth it.
I just meant multiuser being useful. I have a bajillion needs for cmtv. I know I'll love that part. I just want my shit on guest unless I log in.
+Benji Hertel I'm sure you could do a dummy user just like you can do on tablets. (and set your main user to be passworded)
I'm sure they'd crush it.

Man...I really need one of these and a big now.
I wonder if anyone is working on a OUYA build
The ODROID boards are nearly all the same hardware. There's a good chance you can just install the U2 ROM on the X and it'll work because Linux. Don't blame me if it goes wrong though.
Does the Hulu Plus app work on this? That is really the only thing missing from Google TV. 
+Brock Hatfield, I don't think OUYA will have the market installed. It is a fragmentation of Android and comes with it's own marketplace.
Damnit, now I need to buy an odroid. 
Can you give any more details on what you're using for a remote with this? This looks like a nice HTPC replacement as long as it works with a remote + IR receiver.
Yup...this will be in my house one day. bookmarked the odroid buy link and the CM nightly builds link.
Rob M.
I'm still adapting to controlling the Android UI with a touchpad.  Not quite "there" yet.  I went with a Logitech K400s since it has a power button on it to wake up the screen.  I might borrow a Wacom from work and see if it offers a better touchpad experience than the Logitech.
+Geoff Moss CM is nice because we can control what we want and what we don't. For example, I can control hiding the battery icon (because it's pointless in this application) 

You don't have to touch the trackpad in the right place, it simply acts as a mouse, so precise location doesn't matter. 

You can use your own SDCard, but I recommend getting an eMMC module. 
+Jesse Jackson The Hulu Plus Android App blocks HDMI output.  I'm sure there are smart people out there that can/have worked through that, but the default app from the Play Store, probably will not work.
Hi +Keyan Mobli , is the ODROID with CM10.1 capable of streaming 1080p media smoothly via XBMC or Plex?  I got a Raspberry Pi for these purposes, and was sorely disappointed by the performance.  It looks like the ODROID may be a better choice for my HTPC, and I'd even get Netflix and such to boot!
where can I easily and internationally buy one? I'd like to give it a shot.
I don't think it's possible to go back to XBMC without going to the launcher though. At least until XBMC allows you to make it a launcher
+Edward Rubio If you're looking for GF approved, it's ALMOST there. A couple tiny tiny bugs and then it will be all set. My GF hasn't been having problems using it. :)
Nice reminder to check out if/how I can pimp my Sony Bluray Android TV box.
Loooool nope.
Prolly won't happen Michael
+Benji Hertel I've been thinking of rolling my own xbmc that just makes it a launcher. Back in my day, xbmc was a launcher for the Xbox 1 and that was the best media center of all time.

Iirc, making it a launcher is just specifying one line in the xml
That would indeed make this a winner for all the things.
Benji, I'm noticing that in my research now. Well, shit...
Dumb question, but where is the best place to buy the Odroid?
To any of you who own the X2, would you recommend it solely for the purpose of being an XBMC host? Where all content is stored on a NAS? I've been wanting to replace my aging (and slowly dying) Popcorn Hour media streamer with some sort of XBMC box. 
+Diógenes Deaza Almonte Thanks. I was just making sure that there is not a better place to pick one up. I am kind of on the fence because I kind of want to see if Vizio comes out with another inexpensive Google TV, but I am also tempted to buy this now.
+Benji Hertel I'm cool with buying the less expensive U2 -- if it can do the job. I've been lurking the XBMC Android forum ever since development was announced last summer. But every Android box I've been tempted to buy ends up having reviews that say it's underpowered for doing XBMC duty at 1080p (espcially on higher bitrate stuff). $89 plus an enclosure plus shipping is a good price. My only concern is horsepower.
+Gray Strickland I've ordered the X2 for myself but going off what everyone here is saying, I'd go with the U2. It already has an Android build guaranteed to work with it.
+Lucas Cooper I almost ordered the X2 just to get a build going. That may still happen...but 0 promises :D
+Jesse Jackson hulu+ app doesn't work and the bluecop hulu add on is being a pain, but should work eventually. you can find a hacked version of the hulu app on xda but the video is horrible and the app itself is over a year old.
Not really on our end. We'd be willing to merge it if someone does it though. 
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