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Going to watch Oldboy at the Alamo drafthouse on 35mm film tonight. Having never seen the movie, I'm excited!

From what I've heard, this film will be right up my alley. 
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Alamo drafthouse ftw. I miss Austin.
The butler did it! Enjoy the mind f**k. I know I did.
Great movie, one of my all time favorites. Especially for the "WTF" aspect of it. Some people say it's predictable, but that doesn't really take away from its awesomeness.
I'm both anxious and scared for the American remake in the works, but I'll most likely check it out anyway.
If you like it, watch Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Lady Vengeance. Great trilogy!
Also, in the same style, some other great Korean movies... I Saw the Devil, Chaser, Three Extremes, and I heard The Raid: Redemption was good.
the scene with the hammer... I'm cringing thinking about it...
+Daryl Bizsley yeah it was awesome.

If you guys haven't seen The Man From Nowhere, you'll enjoy that as well.
I recommend the Tale Of Two Sisters, Martyrs and I saw the devil. Some of the best world cinema i've seen. I'll give the man from nowhere a rent.
Man from nowhere has some awesome knife use!
If you want fucked up Asian movies, it's hard to beat Visitor Q.

Also, I've heard much about this Alamo Drafthouse and I really want to go there.
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