Not your average Chrome for Android Post

Update: Nevermind, turns out I was mistaken!

I'd love to see the project also merged into AOSP, but the fact that we have the source is a huge step into the right direction.

I woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning. My friend +Tony Foteh mentioned chrome for Android to me. While the app itself is great in its own right, it raises a serious concern for me. This is yet another app in the growing trend of closed source apps coming from Google.

The first app to do this was the music app and although that application is still in Google's repository, it has essentially been abandoned. The drawables weren't even updated for ICS. The search app has been doing this since the beginning of Android essentially. When you flash a gapps package, it removes the default quicksearch for the Google flavored one. Most of you probably didn't know this application even existed.

Now, I can understand something proprietary, like the Gmail application, being closed source. But the browser is a core part of the platform and I shudder think how much Android will be crippled if the browser is abandoned in favor of a closed source one.

Although the chromium blog says that bits and pieces will be provided upstream, they appear to tiptoe around the entire application becoming open. Google introduced Android as an open source project and although they have every right to develop closed source applications, I hope they don't do it by dropping their open source counterparts as something like that would cripple the thriving from development community as well as the open device/driver standard that many Googlers, such as +Jean-Baptiste Queru are trying to establish.
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