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Dat scratches. 

Can only see it in super indirect light. Meh. Screen is still flawless. Wish they had used Gorilla glass on the back too. 
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Still haven't scratched mine knocks on wood
+Chris Sewell it'll scratch from putting it on the table or such eventually. shrug it's inevitable. 
It was hard to believe they used expensive material for the back having in mind the price tag.
+Mike Corbett particles will get caught between the glass and case, probably making it worse. 
Glass will always scratch...I don't care how many gorillas it has
It's Gorilla Glass 2 on both the front and back. Gorilla Glass scratches. My front has a bit of scratching, invisible unless in sharp sunlight. Then again, my unit is getting replaced tomorrow so it doesn't matter.
Dang, I will have to invest in a full body screen protector. 
+Keyan Mobli back is gorilla glass I think its just one layer of gorilla glass 1 though where front is dual pane of gorilla glass 2 
Regardless of scratch resistance, they are Gorilla Glass 2. 
+Danial Samy Until I see a google statement on the topic (IE not an article writer's opinion) I remain skeptical.
I got one of those on mine too, so I pulled the case off of my old Infuse and cut out holes to match up.  I have a cover ordered from +Cruzerlite  but it won't be here till mid-Dec.
Same here. Found some scratches on the back of mine yesterday. Same place as your ones.
I got a few scratches in the same spot..  I wonder if its the only spot that attracts them (on the back)..
Makes me glad I got the bumper so I don't have to worry about when I set it down :D

Edit - sorry about the scratches man. 
Rob M.
Just avoid everything greater than or equal to 7 on the Moh's scale and you'll be golden. I'll be getting something put on the back for scratch protection and perhaps something that makes the phone behave less like a Teflon ice cube.
Always been my understanding that the back of the N4 -- as well as the Optimus G, which is pretty much the exact same thing when you get down to it -- is NOT Gorilla Glass.

And that's why from the start (as in the Optimus G launch in Seoul I was at) LG was pretty clear in not calling the rear of the phone "glass," even though it is. There was always a pretty big nod and a wink with that. It's glass, just not Gorilla Glass.

Unless someone's found documentation stating otherwise.

(And FWIW, I've got a few hairlines like that, too.)
A BestSkinEver full body protection is on its way for me (I'll use only the back protection thought) I also ordered the bumper, in case, and a neoprene pouch case is waiting my Nexus4 to get shipped ... ;)
+Michael Banks I got it on the front too lol...I ordered Xtreme Guard full body for $6. Whenever they get here I'll take it off maybe. I refuse to have my phone look like +Keyan Mobli phone in any light lol
functionality/feeling > aesthetics. 
The front and back feel exactly the same, and I don't think every reviewer would just make up that the front and back are both GG2. Especially Anandtech:

"The Optimus G and Nexus 4 both use the same type of glass on the front and back — Corning Gorilla Glass 2"

Now, I'm not saying the phone isn't easy to scratch,I'm just saying that wishing Google and LG would have used a different type of scratch-resistant glass would not have made a difference. No glass is scratch proof.
My Nexus 4 came with two small scratches on the back - I put a screen protector on the back only so I can set it down on surfaces without worrying.
I have some tiny scratches in that same spot on mine as well. I just recently tried to correct a review video that was spreading the (apparent) lie that both the front and back have GG2. Awaiting responses and trolls.
+Danial Samy I don't think they feel the same. And again, reviewers statements don't replace an OEM confirmation. 
+Keyan Mobli I doubt they will ever reveal if it is or not, the most Google has revealed is that the Galaxy Nexus was "reinforced glass" and that the Nexus 7 was "Corning Glass". Even Corning states:

"Due to customer agreements, we cannot identify all devices that feature Gorilla Glass. Your favorite device may include Gorilla Glass, even if you don't see it listed. Ask your manufacturer or retailer to learn more."

Don't get me wrong, it sucks the phone scratches easily, and I can't wait until the day where self-healing finishes make it into commercial products (especially cars =D), but I don't think anything at the present (besides diamond or sapphire glass) would have prevented scratches on an already flawed design.
It's not the first time reviewers have been wrong. Remember the penta-band radio in LG G2x that wasn't? Even Anand fell for that.
+Nicolay Doytchev yes, but Google has been proactive on denouncing any false claims of Gorilla Glass, ever since the Galaxy Nexus. Regardless, the front is confirmed GG2 and I've already scratched it on my defective unit. My replacement is getting a screen protector for sure (though I don't know how long I'll be able to stand it)
Kept the back protector that comes on it out of the box on mine, will probably keep it on for the duration.  Have a TPU case that is coming in the mail in the next day or so, will be putting that over top, also got some cheap screen protectors to put on the front, thought they don't fit properly and are bubbling up on the sides.  I am just too retentive about keeping my phone scratch and ding free to do it any other way.
Still waiting for somebody to produce a non glass replacement back panel. I'd love a soft touch feel instead.
I got a micro scratch on the front of my ,its even smaller and lighter than yours +Keyan Mobli , but it still bothers me to know its there even though I can't see it unless I tilt my phone in the most awkward angle.
+Emeka Anyanwu and how would you put it on? Not going to happen. This is a unibody design not meant to be taken apart and parts replaced. Not saying it can't be done. But that's kinda weird. Any effort worth that just means that this isn't what you want. Get a TPU Gel Case and smile in the mirror lol
You could install a matte plastic sheet easily on top of the glass. If it's the right thickness it could line up with the bezel producing an awesome flush back. No damage in the process. 
+Skrill Dilly Actually, according to iFixit, it's pretty simple to remove the back a la iPhone 4/4S/5. The only trouble is finding a back with embedded NFC. 
+Skrill Dilly: like +Danial Samy says, preliminary reports have said it's pretty easy to take the back cover off to replace the battery. Just need a replacement back cover the builds in all the contacts/antennas. Think outside the box a little.
I think the Qi wireless charging is embedded in there too.
Just keep your phone full of fingerprints and you'll be fine. That's how I mask the scratches on my Galaxy Nexus...

On a similar topic: I feel that the Nexus S had much stronger (and less of a fingerprint magnet) screen than the Galaxy Nexus. Hopefully the front of the N4 is better.
Man, I'm going to ragequit phones if these manufacturers don't start building them like tanks, next year.  The Nexus 4 looks nice, but I know that the second I got a scratch on it, I would be entirely annoyed.

I remember the first time my Galaxy Nexus got a scratch on the screen from sitting inside of it's own pocket, wrapped with a microfiber cloth to prevent such things.  Of course, that phone has a notoriously shitty piece of glass on it.

At this point, I really wish someone like Nokia would take a turn at producing Android phones.  That, or HTC, given the One X had similar design to the recent Nokia devices.  I just want a unibody design with a high-grade polymer.
I got scratch on the front and no scratch so far on the back 
My Xtreme Guard full body protectors came in today +Keyan Mobli and I can't even tell they're there. $6 with no shopping. They actually stop it from being "slippery" as some say on here. It's dope.
+Skrill Dilly Nice, mine came in a week ago, but they had no proximity/ambient light sensor cut-out. Messaged them and they have a replacement coming in for me. Haven't applied the original yet, but will tomorrow. If it's as good as you say, I'll be pretty stoked!
+Danial Samy I cut that sensor our in 5 seconds with safety scissors. Not that big a deal. You'll love it. Just clip it out.
+Skrill Dilly Lifetime warranty... Screen Protectors get real dingy because Since I'm in the field with it and I put them through some stuff and with Zagg if it gets old or dingy I can request another one and send on the old one for free.
I forget you're in the service. In that case yeah it'd be a better investment for your situation. +Michael Banks 
Well, mine is scratched after a week of intense babying. No idea how. No point in getting a protector now.
This notion of "scratches, therefore not gorilla" is just silly.  ANY glass will get scratched by hard enough particles like sand, and guess what happens when you have trace amounts of such particles on the surface you put it on?
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