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I think the resistance was up to something. These statues belong to the enlightened now.

#ingress #creepy
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UGH I WANT MY INVITE! :( It looks like a blast!
I must ask: what and where is this? And are those disturbing regal Easter Islandish busts real marble?
Yeah. I want one too. What is the estimated wait time on an access code?
Does anyone know of an Austin Resistance G+ page? I see there's one for Dallas and Houston, and one for central TX (though west of what others consider central TX).
Yeah, but that's mainly secure operation-related faction stuff. Cannot let the others know about the plans!
+Stephen Cothren thanks brother. I am looking for some Wisconsin factions or start one when the time comes. 
+Travis Blair I'll be in Austin over the 6-15. Upper metro (Round Rock/Cedar Park) mostly. Will be dropping any enlightened portals I can during that time. 
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