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Reshare this post so we can test the new Google+ Ripples! The more reshares, the more interesting the graph.

So please, everyone reshare.
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doesnt seem to be working.. atleast on my end.. I still only see the 2 shares when it says there are 38
How I can make this with my profile?
Awesome how you can watch the shares play back. How do you find the "ripple link" for your post?
Ok. It must be me. I read 'nipple'... Ok. Shared!
You were Trending on Whats Hot for Google plus.
Share counter here on this end says 1017. Are we going Viral? Hmmm.
awesome spooky swirl algorithm.quite intuitive
I set Google+ to send a mail to me for every update of a post I've commented in... Averaging2 mails per minute now...
Zach M
@ the TOP in "What's hot"
To my estimate, 638 people have shared the post privately (not publicly). These shares are not included in the ripple.
Nice if we all re-share the share do we go mega viral and over shoot the top of "whats Hot" and become "Real Cool" LOL
So we hit the top of "What's Hot" Awesome!
Wow. I keep checking up on this post to see how many shares it has and every few minutes it keeps going up a few hundred. Exciting.
Oh cool! Interested to see how +Keyan Mobli Follower count rises by being in the middle of an experiment of 1500+ people. Right now - mark it - he's at 6,100. It'll be interesting to see what sort of reasons people follow others!
Yeah +Geoff Lord it is interesting that the top post on G+ What's Hot is a post asking for reshares LOL See what I mean +Louis Gray they are already gaming your front page or trying to.....
This is pretty awesome! I was wondering how a share would look on a graph!
Tyler L
The most interesting thing I've found from this ripple is that I can see what people said about it

This allows you to connect to other people who share things that might interest you (if it's a post you would reshare) even if you normally wouldn't find those people anywhere else in your stream

It's a totally new and interesting way to find people on Google+ :D
+Joseph Millett , Can you post a screenshot? I keep hearing people complaining about What's Hot being in their feed. Mine only shows up if I click on Whats Hot.
Tyler L
+Joseph Millett What do you mean?...
The ripple option is something you don't have to click on...
+Joseph Millett Does this come into my main steam? I have not had time to play with this yet.

I just got the update and links in my AZ datacenter.

"Ads for people" guess you out did me on coining that phrase Joseph! Even though I would not go that far LOL
+Peter Munnerlyn I've been in G+ since the first wave of invites that went outside of Google itself. And my emails have been off the entire time haha!
I don't see the Ripple option. Nor What's Hot. Perhaps it has not been rolled out to our part of the world yet.
But not too smart since you are going to school at tu;)
Don't like this, don't want it. How can I get rid of it.
Can't wait till this works on the mobile apps. Am I the only one in the future ? Everyone else tied to a desktop ? All these cool features make me want to return to the present. 
I'm not resharing anything. Why am I getting posts from people I don't even know? How do I stop it? I'd appreciate it if someone would share THAT with ME.
Learn to use the block option.... or just look at your circle streams, and not incoming.
Share from someone that is already sharing or from the original sharer?
This Ripples thing works insanely great! ;)
Will follow this up at home, the #ripples feature is surely going to crash the browser on this work PC
Forgot that one +Thorben Groth Yep, Google experiments usually run in US english on roll out day.
That is incredible! I never would have thought of something like this Great way to visually experience sharing ideas, thoughts, and other things.
Is there a way to get rid of this at the top of my main page?
+Stephen McGregor Mute works on /Hot just like it does in notifications and in any stream......

I would say that is the equivalent of a bury on
I want to get rid of the entire bar out of the middle of the damned page, it's destroying the simplicity of what I love about G+
I get Collapse, Link to Post and Report Abuse and that is all, no 'Mute Post'. Have a link to a screenshot of how to rid myself of this What's Hot bar? I want to kill the bar, not just the spamming posts underneath it.
I have posted on here by mistake (not spam i promis) how do i delete my post mate?
Write something cool and interesting so people share more! Just sharing to make a graph is not so fun...
I don't want to delete my own posts... omfg, I hate this shit... not even any bar removal options in the main G+ settings, fuck this bar
I made damned graphs in high school, stop annoying people, more so let me have an option to kill this bar please Google
bad language is not required to make a point....just go to your mute button and go.
If it's there I will see it, especially since it's right in the middle of the page highlighted in grey. Hell Google, even if you don't want to kill it, move it elsewhere. I am used to click at the top for stream now I get this, grrr.
I figured it out! click the little 'x' at the top right of the wind.... static
That is pretty cool, nice to see how stuff spreads.
I hate to say it, but most of my Circles are calling it spam since you asked for reshares. Some well known peeps too. Just a heads up.
+Chris Lang doesn't bother me. I wanted to see how awesome ripples couple be and apparently so did 5000 other people. The people in my circles aren't calling it spam. Also, I was the first with the idea :)
i dont want to,i didnt want to see Glenn Thomas'es face on my Samsung LCD monitor but i did that is a big minus for Google plus...a couple more of these actions and im off from this public network... im a frustrated user cuz i cant find Dubstep page on G+ P Money Originator! ...
Artie C
The ripple gets scary when you zoom in lol
LuciO M
lol. nothing but guys on here.
Maybe Google Plus engineers should figure out how to properly thumbnail jpgs before developing useless but fashionable data visualizations.
i think this just to click +1 icon
just click +1 icon only to be a friend
Ah crap, more invasive rubbish which thinks it's the most important thing on my page. This might be Hot on Google+ but I don't want it taking over without an option to remove it so it's only there when I want it to be. Looks way too much like Facebooks useless Top Stories which I'm still trying to teach what the top stories should be.
For those i reposted, please ignore the trol above!
+paul curtis hey look the flag next your name turns red when I click it, wonder if G+ bans apply to whole Google Accounts
I'd like to see a "ping" feature to highlight my connections to a specific person.
IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing! But where am i in the ripples lol?
Just wondering how this ended up in my stream? I thought this was the kind of thing google plus /wasn't/ going to do.
anju s
this is fantastic.
So this has even gone beyond six degrees of separation.
Its really great! re-shared; now what !
ok ok i have tried to read al these posts and have not read the point of this ..its cool ok but i dont undersatnd wat ripples is meant to do ??! like goodness how can i explain this ?? ah ah ah how does it improve my google+ experience really?? yah i think that is rightly expressed now :D
wish I could find/see my share/bubble in the ripple, that would be cool.
+Khayalethu Dube its a visual of how a post has been shared. It's interesting to see where your post could potentially end up.

I think it demonstrates the power of google plus very nicely.

Now to try and measure the speed of share...
Note: this only works if everyone in the ripple shares this post publically. As soon as someone shares it to a limited audience, the ripple stops, because you can't share it publically from there. Not exactly helpful...
So if we reshare a share that a friend reshared from our reshare... wait...
"10,000+ shares..... and 9995 more" Nice.
Pretty cool... +Keyan Mobli you're like the guy that successfully started the wave at a ballgame, or maybe more like the guy that started the "slow clap" at party where one angsty teenager tells off another (equally angsty) teenager
powerful visual of how social media connects
Read about this ripple graphic and checked it out. I had not yet joined Google+ so this cool feature motivated me to jump in. Seems that finding friends is more difficult here than on Facebook. Maybe I am missing something. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks. Google On!
I wish I could search this thing to view how influential was my post though... any hint someone?
Just reshared~ +Kevin Biebie I would like to know to where my post is and how many ppl reshared mine.... curious minds want to know!!
If Keyan shared my share of his post, would that cause a loop in the ripple graph? A lipple? A loople?
Consider it shared...let see how it works
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