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You want an emulator on your Android device? How about almost EVERY old emulator. For free.
RetroArch now hits Android packed with all of the cores from the console an...
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Awesome combo, but the on-screen controls look horrendous.
>ps2 emulator

Nice troll, 6/10
Wait is it just me or dose it say 0+ downloads? But there is 20 comments... 
I see 0+ downloads, although I just downloaded :)
I agree (3 times) with what +Adarsh singh said (3 times). Nis app. Nis app. Nis app. I don't know what a nisapp is, but it looks like fun.
As awesome as this is, I wish it included the old school consoles like Intellivision and Colecovision. It does have a very impressive array of emulators though.
Luigi H
Incompatible with my Inspire 4g :( NEED MY NEXUS 4!
+Morris Buel you can legally obtain any rom, as long as you owned the original (this includes wiiware and so on) - making backup copies is a grey area for sure, but to my knowledge nobody's been hit for it thus far.

Cool stuff - hope it works! I'm using snesoid, nesoid, genplusdroid (ecco the dolphin ftw) and some mame I can't remember the name of.

Is his one emulator to rule them all, then?
As far as I know that's as good as it gets, alas. 
On screen controls are a bit messy and in game menu is same. Has potential. Cheats are for fail wail so no issue there but some response from on screen button controls would be nice. Since I can't feel that awesome feel of pressing a button I would at least like a simple animation to show I'm pressing it. In fastfwd mode its a bit buggy. Tried on 2 phones gal3 and viper. I'm not being a critic just trying to help. Good app though
Dang, I'd love to install this thing, but my Xperia Play only has 2.3.3 installed.  I'd have to get the bootloader unlocked to upgrade. 

On a related note, does this support defining hardware keys for things?  I won't use any emulators on my phone that don't support the Play gamepad.
Download wiimote controller from the play store and use a Wii remote for better controls
You can still find the download for gamboid. Thats the best.
Ok ok i dont know shit. Respect my helpers. So i got the app how do i play a game?
I don't like she sad plz...
+Ivan Mirić The only emulators that have been removed from the Play Store didn't adhere to the GPL license requirements of emulation engines they were based on. The ones that do are all still available.
The UI needs some serious work but it is free so we deal. 
Going to check this out.... hopefully I can get rid of all these other emulators.
Make it compatible for galaxy admire 4g

:O I have to get this!!! Now I can play all of the past GameBoy Color/Advance games again!
Does this mean I don't need any of the emulators that end in "oid"?
+Morris Buel My assumption is that, since, let's say Nintendo in this example. Since they (Nintendo) don't support Super Mario Bros. 3 anymore or the GBA/SP to play it on, it's fair game to use for free. I think it becomes a legal issue if someone takes a copy and then tries to sell it.
In new to Android, help me out what dose it do
+Stephen Stockman why would you sell such an item of perfection when people will give you their first born for your iCrap cinco
I have been waiting for this my entire life. 

ok.. i'm lying.. but it's still pretty friggin awesome.
77 years of Moore's law. Computers are 2^51 times more powerful now than then. Most people carry more processing power around in their pocket than NASA used to put people on the moon. Real time rendering. 3D virtual worlds. Global network infrastructure enabling people from around the world to interact with latencies less than 1 second... What do we do with it? Play games that were written in 1977 for the Atari 2600.
More incentive to buy a Nexus 7 now. I've been playing Final Fantasy Tactics lately on my netbook with ePSXe. 
Funny, I use RetroArch on my Raspberry Pi to turn it into a little emulator box :D
If u dont like the onscreen controls u can always pair a ps3 controller to your bluetooth with a software u can find online
wat is android about please tell
Yeah...Wat is android about? please tell us!
+Keyan Mobli   
Might be a stupid question but I need to ask

I installed and now what? I get a list and I click on one and nothing. Lost, please advise.
It's recommended because its awesome.
Nice! Time to clear out some clunky old apps and bring in the new. Controls are a bit ugly... but gamepad support makes up for it. Now I just need to invest in one. :-) 
Amazing, been playing around with this and my PS3 pad using SixAxis on my Nexus 7 all evening.  Started a new Final Fantasy VII game, been playing the original and amazing Grand Theft Auto and racing around on Gran Turismo 2 for a bit.  Also a bit of Super Mario World, Super Probotector (Contra 3) and Killer Instinct.
Going to try this out! Had me with Advance Wars in the screen shots!!
Now I have even more of a reason to try to get my Logitech game pad working on my phone and/or tablet!!
Alan Le
Installed it and got spam notifications and icons. 1 star.
Jack B
+Alan Le That is an outright lie, the entire thing has no ads and is 100% open source, no spam, no notifications, only 1 app icon like any other app.  Complete fabrication.
I love the principle, the sheer amount of emulators, and the fact that it's free. I support this effort wholeheartedly. That said, the execution is clunky and rather poor. The on screen "controller" is skewed, stretched and not customizable. The games load and you play them -- no frills, no customizability, varying levels of success.

Again, I'm 100% in favor of this and hope development continues. But there are far superior and highly customizable paid apps for specific systems out there for hardcore enthusiasts. I love free, but will gladly pay a developer a small fee for a complete experience. 
Holy shit, the virtual controls and UI! :(

I hope the program gets some timely updates. Cool concept.
um... I meant an android emulator for windows.
Good concept. Neat starting point. Lots of little improvements would be welcome:

1. Friendly emulator core names. The current naming is initially confusing
2. Make use of the menu key in the game.
3. After pressing Load state or Save state button return to the game immediately

An update came today that makes it a bit more friendly. :-) 
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