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Breaking CM news: There will be an early alpha for Sensation and most likely Evo3D at some point this weekend.
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Awesome! Does that mean that the CM7 nightlies will become available again?
Wow, That is great news. MIUI is also being released with an Alpha.
When a device is stable enough to hit nightlies, then src will hit repos.
Sweet, just unlocked the boot loader on my Sensation, very exciting news.
Does the progress made toward the sensation also help with getting CM on the HTC doubleshot?
@Ariel where you get that miui alpha intel 
I'm not Ariel but I'm sending this from an miui running sensi. MoDaCo. Sorry kmobs no disrespect had to do something til you drop that cm7
What about for the EVO 4G? I've been waiting for an update.... :(
Dont rush and make it a buggy mess. +Kenyan Mobil you said its been your daily driver for a minute, so I have faith.
Looking forward to this! Can't wait to see how fast it is!
Yessssss!!!!!!! I fucking love you. I'm willing to donate :)
yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kmobs= tooo tight!!!!
/drool. thanks a shitload Keyan. Its funny, what alpha means for anything else but CM, and what it actually means for the perfectionists that CM 're known to be, so yeah, once its here, i - personally - 've gotten myself a new daily, and will be more than glad to provide feedback, of course !
best news of the day!
been waiting patiently, very exciting news, thanks for sharing.
awesome news! thanks for all your hard work CM team
Freaking wonderful. Will he checking my twitter and Google+ feeds constantly this weekend and flash as soon as I can. :)
Great, release CM7 right when I brick my Sensation.
Is this gonna be downloadable through ROM manager premium? I'm gonna be working allllll weekend and I don't wanna wait to get home to flash it when this masterpiece comes out.
I think kmobs will inform us via Google+ when the alpha release is ready...
how do I get it once it comes out? like on what website?
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