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Well... ICS is coming along nicely for Sensation. Just made a call and data is working too. No SDK bits floating around in here... source.
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My Sensation is my backup phone anyway (TBolt for my main phone), so no matter how messed up it might be I'm ready to test! :)
Yes! I this is the only thing stopping me blowing £500 on a galaxy nexus. Looking forward to this :)
+Nick Stringer until you get a build going that doesn't rely on SDK bits, my changes won't help :/
I love your efforts on this, dude. Keep up the good work!
Such a tease, my sensation is waiting. :) Goodwork.
Looks like our wait may be coming to an end!
I can't wait... My Sensation has been feeling a bit lonely lately... :-)
Can not wait till you releas it .-) Good luck!!!
will you be releasing a non-CM 'pure aosp' version before merging it all with CM?
+Keyan Mobli could you fulfill our curiosity and tell us how much is left to do? (Not asking for a timeframe)
Dammnn...We got touchscreen working and got rid of SOME errors, but not that far...Do you have source posted??
cant wait for a release of this. any chance of a share of what you are running so people can help further? Please and thanks in advance
wow this is LEGE wait 4 it
nice :)
i want ICS too for my evo3d. but cant get TS working :(
i mean gsm version. with your atmel patches TS doesnt work anyway :(
hang on, +Keyan Mobli - that thread linked to by +Nick Stringer is about a build from source. The references to the SDK port are because a few ideas were pinched from there, such as using the Puccini graphics drivers. Have you done something similar or have you bludgeoned the CM7 Pyramid drivers into working correctly?
+Keyan Mobli How are CM devs so much better than all the others? Source released, wait a week or two, CM is out. >3 (more than love) +CyanogenMod .
Also, I guess this means you still haven't sold your sensation. I would say sorry, but my phone and I are grateful. :)
Awesome! Any plans for alpha release?
Please tell me someone somewhere is working on DHD as well... :(
KMob you're the man! If you need a beta tester I don't mind helping when ready. That is unless you have your own testers already. Otherwise this has me happy....real happy!
Damn, this is aosp too? I'm in awe man. Can't wait to try it out... Really, I can't, where can I download a build?
+Ronald Ramsay II It's almost too bad. I'm getting ICS fever over here... need to cool off with some ICS on my Sensation 4G ... argh. I just hope the devs at XDA are moving along nicely aswell. only so many updates from them.
I can't wait this to land... even if its an Alpha build. CM7 Selfkang10 is a Kmobs Alpha and that runs sweet as a nut!
+Preston Roberts I know the feeling. I'm itching to get ICS on my Sensation 4G as well. He's making a lot of progress. As far as over at XDA...haven't seen much.
+Keyan Mobli nice work. How are camera and camcorder coming along? Can we expect to see an alpha build :P
I just geeked a little and had to show my fiance... so excited man! So wish i could contribute but i have no idea how to even start learning what you do... haha
+Tyler Peters You're not the only one. I feel its not hard to learn its just a lot to learn. I'm thinking about flashing Ubuntu and try messing around with something but then again not sure. Believe me i know the feeling.
IMO: I have the distinct feeling that +Keyan Mobli is doing the best he can will little or no sleep. I wouldn't release a rom until it was close to fully functional. Even with 5 issues on a alpha rom = 50 pages of comment's(good an bad). To avoid that, updates on progress, and a close to fully functional release in the near future. Keep up the good work Keyan. I have the ICS itch too!!!!
I'm so stoked for ICS on our Sensations, will you release an early build soon so we can test it or are you going to wait until you have fixed all issues? Thanks in advance!
Kmobs is a professional. I don't know how good he is in med, but if he is half that good than understanding and hacking android, i wish he would be my doctor...
Been following your work and its really impressive, my sensation is patiently awaiting a release :)
Keyan Mobli .. i have idea for i can contact u ??
Update, update on ics for sensation!! Any alphas coming our way?(sensations owners)
Galaxy Nexus doesn't have MENU buttons so if u launch app MENU will show up in screen and that's GREAT!! so MENU buttons in Sensation should be go to MULTI-TASK buttons :) then if we launch app MENU should show up like Galaxy Nexus
Awesome Job kmob. I'm waiting. Nervously. What's not working anyway? 
I wonder how much farther we'd be if this wasn't closed source.
+Jose Salgado given that after devices are open sourced, absolutely zero commits (to the device vendors) come from people that aren't part of the CM team... not further at all.
Yes but clearly people are actually trying to help here. I'm not asking to release rights now, just would be nice to see developers work together.
+Jose Salgado only problem with that is, someone kangs an incomplete build, releases it on XDA with the name "CM" attatched, and these guys have to deal with bug reports for something that they never intended for the public.
Tito Z
Can my Sensation get injected with your hot Ice Cream sandwhich beef?
Screw xda, im sure if you talk to rootzwiki staff you could prevent that. XDA is no longer what it was.
+Jose Salgado I dont know if you want to take it that far, CM is awesome no doubt but saying XDA isnt that great? there are a lot of great devs for all phones. ROMs are a personal choice if you dont like one try the other and thank the dev for spending his time on it.
Sounds awesome, can't wait to hear or see more :)
+Mohit Bangia Yes I said XDA isn't what it used to be. The users and the so called devs have all made it the shit hole it is now.

Anyways that's off topic.

Just wondering, +Keyan Mobli where would someone get a hold of you if they'd like to help out, like get source to help build and everything. I know one if not more developers who might be willing to help. And I said developers not some wanna bes.
+Keyan Mobli The source is only open-sourced once the device is pretty much working, right? If so, the window for an outsider to make a contribution to the device source would pretty much be closed.

I'm sure that if Google were more more open with their development that it would be easier for the CM team to be as well. Huge code dumps are lame.

Anyway, keep up the good work.
Is it wrong that I am more excited seeing this than Christmas coming soon?!?!
CM is the only alternative existing. Everything else is either modified vendor ROM or CM :-)
hi Keyan, do you have any idea when (date +/-) you are planning to release alpha version rom or a stable one?
Tito Z
OH stfu and quit making this off topic. XDA is what happens when users outnumber devs by like 10k. IF history dictates, the same thing will happen to rootz. Just because there are more devs and little users doesn't mean its better. I've been on xda for years, and thats what I saw. Since before android... There can be preventative measures but if an idiot isn't going to read the RULES then you cant blame the institution. Kangers have always been around, since before the dawn of kingxklick.. So please be quiet about kangers. If you see a kang report it to a mod or admin, not just bitch about it. So please lets all get back to begging +Keyan Mobli for ICS.
+Domenico Casillo I know you don't. The vast majority OSS projects (linux kernel, firefox, KDE, etc.) don't hide their source until it's ready to be released. They allow you grab the source at any point in the development process. That would more open and that openness works well.
+Kevin Christmas No, it didn't used to be like that at all. It used to be opensourced from the beginning, but we changed it to that because we got no benefit from leaving it opensourced.
+Keyan Mobli When did CM change from being developed in public to the more Google-like development model? I started following you guys at CM6, I think.
+Domenico Casillo I disagree with that. The main competitors to any Android device is other Android devices. In the USA, the carriers don't promote Google's flagship device that runs the latest Android version anyway. They promote some other device, that's usually an Android release or two behind.
Please stop the QQing about them not open sourcing their personal work. I doubt half the people asking for the source would know what to do with it if it were handed to them. Kmobs is doing us all a huge service just by offering his time and expertise to this, and doesn't need to spend time defending his reasons for keeping his builds private for now. Just wait a few days and be grateful for CM7, which, I might add, is spectacular.
+Keyan Mobli can i buy you some cheesy puffs and a soda. Im eagerly awaiting this alpha 10 is rock solid
Looks good! Sorry to see you didn't sell your sensation but your lost is our gain.... sensation + ? =profit.
+Kevin Christmas our ics tree is open as we work on it, its just some devices that aren't. We changed to this model 6 months into gingerbread
Thank you for all your Awesome work!!!
Good job. Cant wait to put that bad boy through its pace
Why the 2 first rules of cm is not asking for eta`s?
Man waiting is killing me......
Hey +Keyan Mobli, you said Sensation will be merged before 7.2, is this still correct? If ICS is ready soon, no one needs CM7 if we can have CM9....
I also am curious when the sensation will be merged into the main line...
Nexus S & SGS I9000 have CM9 alpha..Sensation users will get alpha ROM ??
Can't wait for ICS on my Sensation: Worship is given to the dev'r :D. Good work, seems a lot of stuff is working alright ^_^.
Is the Sensation similar enough to the Evo 3D to be able to reasonably expect someone to be able to learn from what you've done and get a proper build for the 3D soon? Also, great job!
Erie T
How about Sensation CM7 nightlies....
+Erie T why would you want them to spend time on CM7 when they are working on CM9
Incredible work. Can't wait to see this run......
I think we shouldn't rush +Keyan Mobli so he has more time for his school work. We all love #Android but his school comes first.

#BTW I might be coming to UT Austin starting the 2012 school year :)
Reading XDA Sensation forums made me hear Jack in my brain:
I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very CM that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it! I would rather you just said "Thank you," and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a device, and learn to dev. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to!

Thanks for your work man.
This is exciting. Waiting impatiently for this.
I would not diturb but +Keyan Mobli..any progress?Please tell us...I beg you in the name of the folk! :D
Please,stop this torture! I'm continuing to select refresh to your profile page since yesterday and my girlfriend is threatening!
Save my relationship, Please! :D

P.S.:Bad english...I'm sorry!
Will you be sharing your progress on XDA's sensation forums?
Thanks +Keyan Mobli ... Can I buy you a beer?.. awesome work.... lets all support his work... donate to his cause...
Should i get nexus galaxy or wait for new htc?
Please give us an alpha as a preview. Everyone here would love it.
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