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Wearing my lucky tie for when I perform a comprehensive physical exam on someone for the first time today.


PS: Dressing up is worse than studying. 
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good luck man. I hope they are ready for you lol
+Ilheis Reign I do double windsor (unless its a casual event or the tie is really skinny) as well.

That knot looks like an awesome party knot
So you are intending to get lucky when giving your first comprehensive physical exam?   Something doesn't seem quite right there....   EEP.  :-P
Mobs, the most important thing to remember is that the heart is on the right side. After that it's all good. Best of luck! 
Don't squeeze too hard when they cough! And good luck!
Rob M.
Just picture them naked...oh wait. You might want to picture them clothed instead.
This isn't the type of physical you guys are thinking of. No one is getting undressed lol.

Its more to make sure everything is in working order, not clear them to play sports
It has to be some kind of bad luck to wear a fail whale to an exam.
You say fail whale, I say tomato
Do you have white coats? We aren't allowed ties in the UK, and no white coats. 
I just meant till you get your PhD br0
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