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I need the ability to bind a hotkey to expand the Android notification bar to a (usb) keyboard button. That way I can do statusbar hidden all the time.

Anyone have any suggestions for apps that allow you to map "expand statusbar" to a button combination? Thanks!
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the windows key.
That's the key I'm going to bind it to :)
While you're in there, map some random key to kill zygote. Just because.
+Keyan Mobli We could probably use an overlayable configuration set for keyboard-driven/non-touch devices. Something that nullifies or minimizes the assumption that drag gestures, power keys, volume keys and batteries are present. In short... something for always-on devices like set-tops. It needs to be thought out beyond "I want to invoke notifications", though :)
Yeah I know. If you don't get bored and write it out first, I'll write out a list of things that need to be invoked in set top mode. Or if you do it first, please share the document with me.
Can't we just set up a gdoc for all to contribute?
My threads normally have productive answers, but not this time. I know what +Erica Joy feels like now.
Honestly I would just add or modify the keymap that's handling the usb device. It's the quickest solution. 
Yeah I know how to do the expanding part with non public api.. give me a chance to get up and look for my code. It actually changed in 4.2
Here is the expansion programatically.
Hope this helps in some way. I imagine you would have to resort to something at the root level to bind that to a key.
Thanks +Mike DiGiovanni I guess the best thing to do in my case is just add it to the cm keymap for specific devices
If its going to be in CM then do it properly, somewhere in the frameworks - no need for reflection.
I agree with ^^^ this method as I said before… I know pre 4.1 I could make a quick/ugly root app to bind the Win key but I was unaware of the change in 4.2 that +Mike DiGiovanni mentioned but makes perfect sense to me. If you want I could throw an app together for it for you specifically just to bind that key real quick, or we can just go the original route and add it to our keymap.
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