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Want to buy some AWESOME ram for cheap?

I currently have a 12 gig kit of Corsair XMS Trichannel DDR3 2000 ram (6x2GB).
The kit is CMX6GX3M3A2000C9

I'd be willing to part with the kit for about 100 bucks. I'm looking to upgrade to 24gb to speed up my ICS builds, but need to find a buyer for this first. If you want this ram, or know someone that does, let me know so we can work something out.

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Shen Ye
Made in China.
I'm interested, would you like it through paypal?
+Michael Grasser yes paypal would be preferred. Email me at kmobs@cyanogenmod dawt com so we can discuss further.
Don't you love randoms... anyway you could have had a private conversation right here on + or at least shared your email privately, just saying.
P.S. Thanks so much for being a cyanogenmod dev, love it!
+Keyan Mobli The ICS build doesn't use that much RAM. Maybe < 8GB total. Unless you're planning to ramdisk the build output.
+Keyan Mobli I also did not get that much improvement ramdisking the build output. Maybe shaved a minute off the build time. I will try ramdisking the source.

Seems ICS builds are all about really fast processors, lots of them, and a really fast drive that handles many little reads very quickly (ie, seek time).
+Koushik Dutta im going to try ramdisking the source + ccaache with a raided ssd backend storage

Still waiting on some more resources to come in. I should have something like +24 cores and +64gb of ram or something. University server platforms ftw.
+Koushik Dutta building in a vm and off a raid array, my computer becomes nearly unusable during certain parts of a build because of disk writes. ramdisking the output will alleviate that for me. That's the main reason, rather than speed.
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