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Moving is a time when I throw away/donate all the stuff I've accumulated but no longer need.

I found this box and it makes me sad to throw away. I'm keeping the actual phone though :)
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I nearly bought one of these (well, the HTC Dream), but then the HTC Magic came out, so I bought that instead!
+Josh Armour that's the difference between me and most people. I don't need something physical or even a picture for memories. The actual object isn't nearly as meaningful as the experience from the person/object/trip and how that experience shaped me as a person
Autograph the box and auction it off for charity.
i would think about it since my box it destroyed, the G1 is gonna stay with me for a long while to come
+Keyan Mobli Save the box.... frame it with the phone in the center.  Start a collection.
+Dan Soto if I kept the boxes from all the phones I've had, I wouldn't have anywhere to live. But fine. You guys have convinced me. Into a drawer it goes
It's the first Android..  toss/shred/burn all your other boxes, but this is the first Android..  Did I mention that this is the first Android?
we idn't say keep all the boxes, just the one's for important phones, G1 N1, and maybe a few other devices like the fist android tablet, or YOUR first tablet.

idk that's just how i justify keeping my boxes
I still have the box, I also vote keep it.
i still have the box and the phone, but sadly the battery has started bulging and the phone won't stay on anymore :(
if they updated the hardware and put it in the same form factor as the g1, i would buy it.
+Justin Bennett so get a new battery they're like $2 on ebay. any chinese battery is better than a bulging htc battery that won't keep the phone powered up.
I ran into my old G1 box the other day too. That box and phone will be a part of history in a museum one day. I wouldn't throw it out.
+Ray Dull i could, but the phone would still be sitting there (and half the physical buttons on it are shot, anyways, its really hard to use)
ahh if thats the case then I understand, it can be put in its box and retired then.
I use my G1 everyday as my bedside clock/alarm, it's sitting in it's dock without a sim and running CM?
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