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Zach M
Ok, now I have to get a 3d
Thanks a million guys!!! CM rules!
This is what Ive been waiting for all weekend.
I'm freaking horny now. Best morning ever!
AWESOME! Thanks will try out tonight!
Liam Ho
Feedibg my CM hungry Sensation, thanks;)
Downloading now, thanks for all of your hard work. We all appreciate it! Thanks man! :)
Installed and rebooted phone. Got HTC splash, CM7 splash went around a couple times now my phone is black and unresponsive to any buttons. Pulled battery and powered on with same result. :(
Thank you sooooo much, it boots so fast. my phone is perfect again. I have been in pain for so long being forced to use sense.
hellz yeaaaa!!!!! INSTALLING IT NOW!!
YES!!!!! I went from six to midnight upon reading this post. Thanks a bunch CM team!
And it has arrived !!! Thanks
Yes! Ram don't stop the cm train! W00t! 
You're the Mac! Thanks kmobs!
Order is restored in the universe now. CM is Android!
thanksssssssssssss!!! love u all. :))
Does the team need a a2dp headset for testing? I have one I am willing to donate to the cause....
Suddenly 350 mb free of ram. Imagine that..... Sense sucks 
To +wylan gross ..did you wipe first? Boot into bootloader and from there go to recovery and then wipe and reflash
Is the evo 3d build applies to the gsm version as well?
wait still wondering why doesnt connect when i log in my email n pluz i dont see the market place
Asmir M
Can I flash my mom's keranal on this? Great job kmobs. Thank you.
Can someone post a link for the Google addons?
+Scott Plowman I had wiped it using the devices menus but i just tried it through clockwork and then applied the update and its working. Thanks!
Hey +Keyan Mobli: E:Error in /tmp/sideload/ (Status 1).

Anyone else? Is it just a bad download?
Wokeup to the smell of fresh cooked cm7 ROM . Gonna flash it now . 
has anyone try to log in a Gmail account to go in the market place?
+Alvaro Nunez everythings working fine as far as i can tell. market, mail, sound, camera... everything .. 'cept whats noted in the wiki
Tried flashing on my sensation and it wont boot up, my phone would turn off. I tried wiping cache lots of time flashed again and at boot up my phone turned off again. I had to restore :-(
I can't wait to get home and flash this :)
so wait Dan Trevino how u got all of that when i just installed all this n i dont have Gmail n none of that i am doing something wrong here then
Flashed, 0 issues at all. Thanks again CM Team you guys do the best work.
+Rolando Quezada boot into recovery and select the wipe data/factory reset option then try the update again. Worked for me.
HTC official unlock won't work, fyi. It doesn't support booting a custom kernel. :(
Havent tried it yet..but u and ur team deserve one HUGE round of thanks :)
ahh got it i forgot bout one link SMH
I love cyanogen thank you so much Keyan Mobli, and all the guys that were part of this!!!! :)
The reason wifi calling is FCing for some of you is because I typo'd the file name with a O instead of an 0. Just delete the MS-blahblahbalh.apk from /system/app/ if your wificalling is FCing.
Just woke up... U made my day! :D 
is this considered a nightly?
+Jason Ip This is considered an alpha/preview build. Expect bugs. NIghtlies are still offline until korg is back up and running.
wish it was on gsm, but i'm sure it'll make it there eventually :)
It's more stable and quicker than anything I've used for sensation... Awesome 
This is fantastic. I'm posting from cm7, thanks for the great work. 
Would be brilliant to get proper gapps. As current ones crashing quite often! 
I have a question does anyone know what's the recommended baseband (radio) version for this rom? I ask because I came from another custom rom with its baseband.
+Artem Russakovskii Nope, read Ed Carrigan's post @ 6:59. " HTC official unlock won't work, fyi. It doesn't support booting a custom kernel. :("
Thanks. Had been waiting for this!. :)
Ty so much using now love it tytyty
Nico D
This made my week! You da mang mang! 
It's good to be running CM again. Thanks for all the hard work to everyone involved in this!!!
I have massive problems with normal calling on european HTC Sensation. It seems, that it is an antenna problem when the hand touches the back cover. Signal strenth drops to zero. With stock ROM and Android HD ROM i had problems like this too, but it dropped to about 20% only, not zero... Any ideas?
I WAS running stock (s-on) till I heard this news. Thanks so much for al the time n effort you guys @ cm put into making this phone feel more stock than the OEM.
+Keyan Mobli, thanks. Running since last night. Settings tweaked and running smoother than ever! No issues to report at all.

Maybe it is my problem, but I feel the photo is not as clear as of other ROM.
+León Castillejos - I agree with you that it is a hardware problem, but I flashed back Android HD ROM. Then calling is no problem, no call was dropped. After that flashed back CM7 Alpha 1 again. It is no sporadical error, every call drops after 1 or 2 seconds. There must be a difference in software...
Checksum is ok, wiped Dalvik Cache, wiped everything. Did fix permissions. Reflashed some times... Any other ideas?
Just ordered a sensation after learning kmobs was on the job. 
Its just amazing how fast my sensation is now!
Awesome job thank you. Anyone put it on a UK Vodaphone Sensation yet? Would love to hear your thoughts. 
I don't know what I was going to do if I had to pull that damn ring again. Thanks to everybody involved.
Anyone else having Wifi issues? I have a tmous 4g, and my wifi goes out every several min. I switched my router from wpa2 to wpa, reset the router, reset my phone, etc. I did a full wipe before flashing. Im not reading on XDA of anyone else having this issue. So im thinking of just reflashing, but i just set everything up. Any other TMOUS users having this issue?
+Ivan Correa No WiFi issues here... Been streaming Pandora, Spotify, and watched both episodes of Ridiculousness today. WiFi is stable here. Router is WPA2 (irrelevant but just so you know)
Kim Lee
OMG! is this our newest forum? lol! Anyway nice job Keyan...
Anyone having problem when making a phonecall it disconnects when placing next to ear?
It is a display off issue. It will occur even when you don't put the phone to ear and put display off, when a call is made.
Yes it does appear to be a display off issue having just tested it. Shame as its the only bug I've come across
ya big issue i wish i knew before i flashed! gps doesnt work was on my way to a job interview and i had to flash back to sense! thankfully i wasnt late bluetooth and a2dp work great! thanks!
by the way its for tmobile sensation forgot to write that
Mine is a UK vodafone branded sensation, although using an orange sim, don't know if that makes any difference 
wish the Motorola photon was getting cm7
Running on CM7 for 24Hrs+ now. No issues to report,super fast..thanks to the CM team
For european Sensations alpha is a good naming for this. You could name it beta, but I think Keyan knows why he named it alpha release. :D
Thank you for all the Hard Work. No rom like a CM7 rom... =)
Kmobs you plan to push another alpha later this week? 
If you erase the file, it will stop FCing, for sure.
Using 20110828 gapps but not seeing video chat on gtalk. Everything else is perfect, battery life increased 100%
You have tmobile? Then it shouldn't FC at all. Did you wipe when coming to this rom?
Look on the forums. This isn't really a venue for support... neither is an alpha.
Kmobs : great work on releasing such a stable alpha! But I want to know are we still getting that alpha update that you talked about on xda? 
Another question is: Will there be a working fix against the screen off issue for european Sensations?
Thanks Keyan, works very well. Noted that the MHL support is not working
Wow.. alpha! Lets not ask questions or mention bugs, rather be happy we are enjoying CM7. 
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