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There is currently a feature in CyanogenMod that lowers the device volume whenever you plug in headphones. I am not a fan of this feature because I feel that it is either lowered too much or is unneeded. Right now it is the default option, but I would like to change it so it is off by default.

Do you guys like this feature on by default?
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I think it'd be cool to just set a default headset volume with certain apps.
+Mike Lopez - Tasker might be able to do something similar. I'm not sure if you can set "application focus" as an event though, but you could certainly use Tasker to toy with your volume.
Does the volume sometimes get stuck down there even when you unplug?
Definitely needs to be an option, preferably with a volume level you can set yourself.
+Ted Pavlic I was supposed to get that app a few days ago but I totally spaced it out, think I'll check it out meow.
I think it shouldn't be enabled by default. Also right now it lowers all device volumes differently. I think it should lower all volumes to 75%. 
I reckon on by default, but with a clear option in settings to change it.
What about an option like when you plug in USB to a computer. When headphones are plugged in it can give you a popup asking you if you want to lower the volume (and have a checkbox for "do this everytime").
i always forget its there when i plug in the headphones.. id rather it just remember the volume it was last time headphones was plugged in
I wish it was off. I hate anything controlling the volume for me.
Guys it already in an option in sound settings if you're running a recent cm version. I'm just talking about changing the default when you flash cm from the setting being on to it being off. It is already a toggle the user can control
I'm not sure that I have much input on default, but I would really prefer that it at least be an option. Probably set to on. I have SE530s, and if the volume is too loud... I'm not gonna have a good time.
Its a good idea... but off by default would be nice
Lol I get it now +Keyan Mobli
I think it should be off by default. If it's a feature, then it should be enabled rather than HAVING to be disabled.
Isn't that what profiles are for?
Attenuation while receiving a notification/playing music is a nice feature.
No, it drives me crazy
I don't mind it, but there should be a toggle like the back in the day volume limit switch 
Having my ears blown out one time leads me to prefer this option being on by default. But yeah, the option to change that setting is right in your sound options.
Alex T.
IT's definitely okay 'cause more people tend to use closed headphones. It makes it easy to use becouse in most cases the volume is way too loud for the ears when using closed headphones
Alex T.
so off by default would be okay for sure. The majority of users is not using closed heads..
Off by default, but implement a setting where you can a) turn it on, and b) set the volume it adjusts to.
Off by default. Would be cool though if it reverted to the volume that your device before unplugging your headphones last time.

So if I had it at 50%, unplugged my headphones and then turned it back up to 100% it'll go back to 50% the next time I plug my headphones in.
I hate this feature on my stock galaxy s2. I always turn the volume back up anyhow
I hate this feature and I really don't know why it is needed.
+Chris Sewell got it right, off by default but OK if it remembered the volume from the last time it was used.
I dislike the feature because I plug in an accessory cable to play to my car stereo (and want the volume at max) more than I use headphones.
Agree with +Chris Sewell and +Bryan Hoefer, that functionality would be much more useful. I usually keep media volume low for regular/work use but want bluetooth maxed out and headphones usually around 70%. So if it remembered all of those separately that would be nice.
I can't wait for wired connections to disappear. xD
I think on is the better default. Discovering it is too quiet is annoying but discovering that it is too loud is painful.
We used to do that in cm7 (have it remember wired volume). I dunno why we didnt forward port the feature.
This feature plays nice Audio Manager Pro. When I plug my headphones in it sets all my volumes to my headset profile and when I unplug it returns them to my normal profile.
*edit. SOOOO the wrong post replied to!
Thought the same but then again maybe +Robert Mahon is publicly analyzing you? /weird
Absolutely love this feature hope it's more configurable though
+Keyan Mobli Strange, I totally did it appears! oops! I need to cut down on my Scobie/Elgan reading perhaps! Sorry everyone.
For potential legal and health/safety reasons, it should be on by default. Change the default if you think it's too aggressive at the moment if need be.You don't want to get sued because someone was silly enough to plug their earphones in while at max volume.
+Keyan Mobli +Chris Sewell FYI, the save/restore volume functionality for headset and speaker is already in the code. Search for "Intent.ACTION_HEADSET_PLUG" in - the second reference is where it happens. That's also where the safe volume restore pieces were added in.
In my opinion it should be on by default just because of the danger to the ears. If these settings are adjustable by the user I don't see a reason to turn it off by default. Why risk peoples hearing? Especially if you take a look at the massive increase of people, after the Walkman generation, who developed hearing problems. The people who don't care can always turn the volume up and change the settings.
I don't mind the lowering of volume when plugged in, but when I unplug (at least for me) It drops the volume completely. 
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