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Only one real issue remains that blocks CM7 for Sensation from nightly status. We're really close guys. But no, I don't know when that issue will be fixed. All the credit belongs to toastcfh, Bumblebee, and +Ed Carrigan. +Tony Layher just got the device too, so he can have some credit also :P

FWIW, I've been using CM7 on the Sensation for a couple weeks now as my daily driver. It's the fastest phone I've ever used and we don't get those weird slowdowns that Sense gets. Everything is consistent (which is sometimes more important than pure speed, but in this case we have both)
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Yea i was kinda wondering same :)
^ Same!
Also, I'm really sorry to ask but do you know if the same is true for the Evo 3D?
awesome! thanks for the update, even tho you don't have to... I sit and wait patiently...
ahhhhhhh! Sweet! Thanks guys! Chillin on clay's super sense for now.
I just picked up the Sensation because I know how close you guys are.

I'm "rooting" for you!

ohh. I want it

Mind sharing what the last problem is, or can you not
So excited about this. Glad that you're taking your time to get this right. I know when you release CM for the sensation it will blow everyone's minds. Can't wait! :D
Awesome update! Thanks dude. 
Can't wait for it really only reason I rooted mine.
Need it bad...sense has cripled this device thanks for all the hard work
That is awesome to hear.. Great News. Keep up the good work.
We sensation owners will be holding our breath.
I don't think I've seen the CM team release anything I'd consider "alpha", not their style to release half-assed builds...
god i cant wait for this. my sensation will be soo much better lol trying to be patient , but patience is definitely not one of my strong points lol
Lol noting half assed for this :-) iv been running cm7 on my sensation too and I agree its awsome ..... Very very fast phone :-) qHD screen and cyanogenmod is stunning 
Jerry B
Like a good neighbor state farm was thereee....with cm7 on my sensation ...worth a try 
I can't wait. You're my hero, kmobs!
Thanks for the update, and to the CM team for all the work.
Kmobs whats the issue man.? Dual core? I bet its a kernel thing.
Just making mouths water! Haha keep up the good work.
Looking forward to it. Glad to hear it's fast, sense is doing my head in now. Lots of slowdowns to the point i have to reboot multiple times a day.

Thanks to the Cyanogenmod team for all the hard work. :)
HTC released new kernel source, maybe it will fasten the development and solve the problem keyan is having. 
omg, cant wait. sense is so lame. glad to hear sensation is fastest phone you experienced.
Hi, can u please tell me which phone is a better overall performer between Galaxy S2 and the Sensation? I need to buy a phone and am confused between the two.
Thanks in advance.
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